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Santana de Parnaíba, São Paulo, Brazil | INDIE

Santana de Parnaíba, São Paulo, Brazil | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


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"SANANDA plays at International Women Day"

Sananda plays at International Women´s Day inviveted by the mayor of Peruibe City. - Jornal de Peruibe

"10.000 people in Sananda´s show"

Sananda plays at Sao Vicente city for more than 10.000 people. No one could stand without singing or dancing. It was amazing the energy that Sananda pass to the audience. Playing Tá Ficando Quente! (It´s getting hot!) hit in an expectional Walkiria´s voice.
- AVE - News


SANANDA has been invited to perform at Araraquara Rock Festival to take their messsage TA FICANDO QUENTE against Global Warming - ARARAQUARA ROCK

"SANANDA - brazilian rock band against global warming"

SANANDA, from Brazil launched the album TA FICANDO QUENTE (It's Getting Hot!) against global warming. We believe that thru the music we will bel able to touch the people's minds and soul to make them react against global warming.

SANANDA has performed a lot of shows in Brazil taking their message and it was well very receptive to all kinds of audience. Besides their album project, SANANDA became the embassor of TA FICANDO QUENTE FESTIVAL where people will listen good rock music and receive messages about how to help the planet.

TA FICANDO QUENTE is availabe at Reverbnation, Myspace, Raphsody, Napster, ITunes, Amazon.

The band has already perforrm a show for 35.000 people in a Sao Paulo state and more than 350 shows taking the message along the Sao Paulo's coast.

This is the first rock-pop band the has as serious work around the global warming problem and take it serious. They have helped WWF - Brazil at Earth Hour and was one of the responsably to turn-off the lights in Sao Paulo city, the biggest city in Brazil and the 7th city in the wolrd.

The next album is already entitled - RECICLA (Recycle) and it will be single CD. There is many areas that we still needs to help besides global warming , but it will the future albuns.
- TOP 40


2008 - Tá Ficando Quente ! brings 13 songs, wich 3 of them sings about the problem that Earth is facing regarding the global warming.
Tá Ficando Quente!, Sal da Terra, Terra Mãe are the 3 songs that will touch in minds and hearts.
Vida de Ilusão song, is a progressive rock that tells a history about a brother that feels bad about his brother´s problem with drougs and try to show him that in this life we have option it is just a manner of choose. Tracks:
Vida de Ilusão - Caco Adam
Tempo pra viver - Caco Adam, Anderson, Marquinhos
Fome de voce - Sergio Sá
Refletindo - Anderson Aceto
Eu sou maluco - Caco Adam
Ela Fala demais - Marquinhos Costa
Tá Ficando Quente! - Wal Panicali & Sergio Sá
Sal da Terra (remix) - Beto Guedes&Ronaldo Bastos
Terra Mãe - Wal Panicali & Sergio Sá
Não pode ficar - Caco Adam & Anderson Aceto
Nessa noite - Caco Adam
Tudo que eu tenho - Sergio Sá
Teu olhar - Marquinhos Costa

Musical producer: Sergio Sá
Sound Technical - Rodrigo Carraro
Director - Ricardo Panicali
Graphics - Marcos Costa



Sananda brings a mix of rock, pop and MPB with a different swing. The songs has a magic touch with lyrics that touch your soul and you minds. We believe in a better planet and we strong believe that the music is a good way to take a message to the public. Sananda has some influences of 80´s age but mixed with a very actual techniques of composing songs. Sananda started 3 years ago with Wal and Caco than 2 years ago finilize the actul formation with Anderson, Marquinhos, Sussa and Vandinho. All of them has the music in the blood. Wal is singer since 10 years old, due the influence of her grand-father that was lecture and very famous in the brazilian market, Mr. Lyrio Panicali. We are proud to do what we are doing in our first CD - Tá Ficando Quente!