Intense southern rock outfit with a live show that'll pop you on the chin and have you begging for more. A roots/rock/funk sound makes it all quite southern, but not typical.......kinda southern gothic.


The roots of Sancho begin in the smokey dives of the El Paso club scene. Jason Crouch and Steve Shrader were gaining a local following with the now legendary "New Texicans". After achieving all they could in their beloved home town, they relocated to the music mecca of the southwest; Austin texas. Here they began to pay their dues all over again in the competitive environment of the "Live music capital of the world". After some touring,recording and local gigging, the band dissolved. Jason set about to form a new band, 'You Do We Do'. This band eventually included his kid sister Katie Morrison on bass, guitarist and songsmith Gary Connor and the mighty Steve Shrader returned to bash the skins once more. This lineup also included keyboardist ,Brian Satterwhite , who went on to score motion pictures. After playing some great shows in and around Austin the band took some time off. When Gary returned from his stint as a truck driver they began rehearsing again. This time with a second guitarist, Mark Rodgers, who had played a pick up gig with the Texicans a decade earlier. With the lineup solidified, the group now called, "Sancho" is poised to take Austin by storm with their gutsy rhythm section, dueling lead guitars and Jason's bellowing bluesy vocals. If you're doing some remodeling, give them a shout, 'cuz they're guaranteed to make the paint peel!

As for influences, there are far to many list, but you'll hear a heavy handed stones/doors/zeppelin/srv/funky meters influence all over the live show and song writing experience. To quote an original tune of ours "If you want...then we got it"


Debut CD in the works...

Set List

Old times sake
Who's drivin this thing
Where you stand
Funkin A
Ms Bartender
Hell in the morning
I ain't drunk, i'm just drinking
Better luck next time
L.A. Woman
Outta this place
Time/No time
Funk #49

We've got quite a list covers that we've worked up and like to mix it up based on what the gig needs to take it to the next level.