Sanctified Power

Sanctified Power

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Do you want to be lifted up? Have you had the opportunity to really look deep within yourself? Does your walk with Jesus stand out amongst crowds? Do you like to dance and have fun? If you need answers to these questions, then listen to the Funcky beats and sounds of Sanctified Power.


Sanctified Power is a group of Middle-Aged Jesus Freaks that love to praise and worship and play lots of styles that fit the needs of the crowds. We have been together for approximately 7 years and we have continually grown in Faith; Trust; and our walk with Jesus. We are mad up of 5 people that have different talents that have come together to form S.P. Troy McClendon-Lead Vocals, keyboards, and drums. Rhonda McClendon-Drums. Derek Burch-Bass, back-up vocals, and guitar. Cindy St. Pierre-Lead Vocals. Steve Kenney-Guitar and back-up vocals. The driving bass, the keyboard vibes, and the drum and guitar riffs will have you wanting more. This group just "brings it". You say, what is it? Well, it is just that. It is the music that will have you crying; praising; dancing and singing along. They enjoy and use the talents given. Inspired by family and the many festivals they have attended, Sanctified Power comes at you with Respect and Appreciation to it's fans. Without fans and God on their side, who would they be? You may just want to book these guys and take a big chance. You will be glad you did.


"Be Ready" was the 1st album released in September of 2012. Purchase your own copy of Sanctified Power's first CD, "Be Ready" on CDBaby for $11.99. Or, just download your faves for the great price of .99. Great ballads that are tear-jerking daily issues that we all go through. Those song titles are as follows:
1) People Are You Ready
2) Be Ready (Title Track)
3) This Man
4) The Lord Is Waiting
5) With My Prayer
6) I Will Do Anything
7) Did You Do Your Part
8) Power In The Dance
9) Glory To His Name
10)Today and Tomorrow
11)I'm Giving In
12)With My Prayer (Praise Remix)