Sanctified Syndicate

Sanctified Syndicate

 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
BandHip HopGospel

In the music store, you notice a group that you had never seen before. Not being able to shake it, you ask the salesman if you could hear a sample. He agrees and you sit and wait. Finally he arrives. You pop in the disc, and in an instant, you're never the same.


December 16, 1999 sparked a new beginning for gospel hip hop music. A new sound was coming out of the south. An unspeakable voice with an undeniable truth laced with unimaginable lyrics that started an indescribable movement. No one was ready for this new sound. A different sound. Pure and Sanctified for one purpose: To Save Souls Worldwide. Focused and driven, the two artists (Navigator and Lyrical Apostle) took on a new purpose in life: To radically win Baton Rouge over to Christ by any means necessary. So, the Sanctified Syndicate was born. a dedicated soul winning hip-hop group ready to breath new life into an old game. And now with a team of radicals down to do whatever it takes (Pooch, Se-lah, Chosen Child ... among others), and God Leading the pack, nothing is impossible for them to achieve...

The story continues...


2004 was a good year for the Sanctified Syndicate. We've been blessed to release 3 projects that are doing very well in our area and abroad. Listed are the most popular songs along with ones that received radio airplay.

Sanctified Syndicate: The E.P. (9 tracks)
-Never Bow Down (radio play)
-How We Roll (radio play)

Dawn of a Revolution: Single

Gangsta World (23 tracks)
-Roll With It (radio play)
-Too Many
-Hard Headed
-Gangsta World (album single)
-You Would Rather

Set List

Our sets typically depend on the venue that we perform, but on average we do a 12-15 min. set consisting of 5 songs from our latest album Gangsta World.

Roll With It
Gangsta World Medley
Haters/How God Made Me