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Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
Band Christian Rock


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Hello Amigos,

My name is Jon! I play guitar and sing in a band called Sanctify; I'd like to tell you a little about the band. Formerly called Awaiting Redemption, we are an American Rock Band and changed our name to "Sanctify" in summer of 2010. We're a band composed of three average "joes" and one average "jane" from Green Bay, Wisconsin. We have started out playing in 2007 with different members, names, and styles of music.

In 2011 we got some friends from our school to help us out with the difficult business and techie ends of the band. Logan Meyers has been helping to manage the band and Shawn McDowell has been helping with recordings, sound editing, and mixing. In 2010 the band found an amazing bass player who has become like a brother to me. Jack Fricke is an amazing individual and a best friend that anyone could ask for. He also has amazing talent on the bass and I'm so proud to be able to play music with him. We have now in 2012 found a lead guitarist (Alex Oswald) and a drummer (Ory Van Laanen). I'm very excited to see what the future holds for these two very talented individuals in the band.

On 3/30/12 we are coming out with our debut DEMO CD that will be available for free to all who want it (while supplies last). We believe in all the songs we play and hope they're inspirational and enjoyable yet full of rock at the same time. We also want to be able to get our music and message into as many people hands as we possible can so we can make a positive impact on this world.

I love to write new songs, including a variety of different genres. Music has the ability to change a person mood in an instant, and the message in our songs is behind the lyrics. Paying attention to them, changes what the song really is at the heart of it. Listen to our music, and you can sense the emotion. Our philosophy is that theres no reason to music without a message. Almost every band sings about drugs and sex, but those messages are not going to help anyone. Our music is meant to inspire people, to focus on their hardships, and get through them. We are all Christians in our band but we consider our music and it's message for all people. We don't want to fit in just the Christian music circles but we also don't want to fit in with just secular music. Our goal as a band is to help people deal with the big issues of life and think about things that they normally wouldn't consider.

One of our favorite songs, Safe in My Arms, can be perceived as safe in God’s Arms, but can be interrupted to fit in anyone's life. Songs that focus on the aspects of life that mainstream music doesn’t deal with, that's what we're about.

We love what we do and I love singing the songs that we believe in as a band. Our goals for this year are to get our DEMO recorded professionally make it a full 12 song CD, be able to get the music into your hands, and play it for you in your town. We want to be the type of band that you want to share with your friends!

We will be releasing the Album title, songs names, and hopefully get the music into your hands once we finish recording hopefully by the end of 2012. At the moment we are thinking that the album will be entitled "Black Angels". The meaning behind the title track is:

"We are the black angels in our own lives or death. We feel like we are dead due to depression, break ups, family issues, addictions, etc. But really we are the only thing holding ourselves back from being something truly amazing. If we realize our lives aren't over due to these issues and that each end is just a new beginning. Then life is not scary or as difficult and our current complacencies are taken away. We hold the key to our own destinies and future. Also the knowledge of what life and death are and where we can go when we need help. Love is here so death can come another day".

All of you are a major reason we love music and we hope you conn