Los Angeles, California, USA

Organic eclectic blues-soul and r&b. Sandbloom is a one-man wrecking crew. A soul singer whose incredible gifts are taken to new heights with stellar songwriting and use of live looping to create a unique show that's earning rave reviews.


Kevin Sandbloom is a man who has one thing on his mind. Playing music. He has been doing it ever since he picked up a guitar at 16 and simultaneously fell in love with the music of Bob Marley. "All my songs sounded a little like a Marley rip-off" he says of his early pieces. They also happened to be crowd rockers, as the first band he fronted in high school, BUMP, became a local staple in his hometown Pasadena, CA. He cut his musical teeth on influences like B.B. King, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Steely Dan, Prince and Sade. Of the creative culture he came up in he says, "The whole thing was to do like Bill Withers mixed with The Beatles or Parlamient meets Elvis Costello or Pink Floyd meets Steel Pulse so we were trying to mash it up from early on". It was this eclectic atmosphere that shaped his musical path as well as a local songwriter, Peter Galvin who was in a legendary band, The Bedshredders. "He showed me first hand what was possible with songs. His stuff was so advanced though he was only a few years older, my songs sounded juvenile next to his".

Fast forward to the present and Kevin's music can hardly be called childish. He is regarded in songwriter circles as an artist who operates at the top of his game. He has performed on stages from the Nuyorican Poets cafe in New York, to B.B. King's Blues Club in Los Angeles and is a fixture at music and poetry venues across the U.S. He is also a favorite on college and high school campuses.

For the last six years he has been poducing music at a furious pace. 5 full-length albums and an Ep under his belt, he is currently touring and promoting his latest recording,"Under Pink And Bourbon Skies". The CD is his most blues inspired work to date, though it contains elements of jazz, bossa nova, and folk to create a sound which is uniquely "Sandbloom".

Sandbloom has been featured on the ABC Family series "Lincoln Heights", and has credits on the Laurence Fishburne film "Once In The Life", as well as countless independent films. He was also payed the honor of having one of his songs used by guitar legend Robben Ford on his album, "Supernatural". It ended up being chosen as the title track. During the sessions for the same record he got to meet and perform with Vinny Caliutta, Jimmy Earl and singer Michael McDonald. On meeting one of his vocal heroes, Kevin says," Man, what a trip that was! I was trying not be starstruck, but he was one of the most humble and down to earth people you will ever meet."

Sandbloom is hard at work recording new material, compiling footage for a live CD/DVD release in 2009 and gearing up for a European tour as well. "I'm keeping it moving this year, expanding my brand so everyone knows about what I do" he says. And indeed it won't be long until everyone does.




2005 / FROM A BIRD

2005 / EP.DELTA[6]

2005 / The Temple Bar Records compilation #1



Set List

Sets run anywhere from 2 to 12 songs
and I have 3+ sets of music I can play.

A typical set is a selection from the latest 2 releases, though songs from all 6 records can be heard at any given show. A few covers occasionally show up, including Sade's"Is It A Crime", Donny Hathaway's"A Song For You" and Al Green"s"Let's Stay Together".