The Sandcarvers

The Sandcarvers

 Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Original American rock under the influence of traditional Irish and Scottish tunes, countless years of FM radio, and Vernor's Ginger Ale.


What should you expect from a Sandcarvers show? Simply put, the Sandcarvers throw a party on stage every night and bring the audience along. Looking for long breaks and a lot of banter between songs? Not gonna find it here. The Sandcarvers are a rock band, first and foremost. Whistles? Check. Banjo, mandolin, and bassoon....bassoon??? Check. Sweet vocal harmonies? Check.

Celtic flavored, original rock with a funky groove to move booties and pack rooms. That's what we do.

The Sandcarvers come pre-approved by audiences and listeners around the country and across the sea. We play Celtic and world-beat flavored original rock and updated traditional songs. We are currently touring our latest acclaimed product: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and writing our next epic, all while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and sexiness. Booyah!


Tullamore Dew

Written By: Jeffrey S. Miller

Moonshiner, moonshiner, oh how I love thee
I first fell in love, I was only nineteen
She wore a black velvet band
And she rode a top the Darby ram

It's all for me grog, valley-o in the bog
Tim Finnegan's wake, get your trotters to shake
Nancy, and Paddy, sip of Jameson, too
But nothing quite moves me like the Tullamore Dew

Drinking the cider, a rover who's wilder
Been drunk on whiskey in the jar
Met the County Down's star
Me brother Sylvest is a big strong man
And I sing 'em best with a black and tan


To all of you, our dancing fans
Thank you for welcoming us, we're the Sandcarver band
We sing of love, sadness and cheer
And we cannot wait to play back here


Hidey hidey hidey ho, people don't you know
There's nothing we like more
Than when you're dancin' for our show

Annie McGrew

Written By: Jeffrey S. Miller

Oh Annie, who died today?
I saw you walkin' beside the graves
Up past the church where everyone cries
They're settin' for the wake, and they won't mind

They'll pass some to you
A couple of pints and a growler of booze
My family's heartache's got nothin' to do
With the gracing presence of Annie McGrew

Oh Annie, who's wedding's today?
Ten miles of walking from Derry Quay
Up past the church where everyone grins,
And to the hall for the first one upon your binge

They'll pass some to you
A couple of pints and a growler of booze
My brother's reception's got nothin' to do
With the gracing presence of Annie McGrew

The town folks gossip about why you're there
Uninvited but you go without a care
To the wakes and weddings and all the county fairs
Just a few more to ignore their obvious stares

Oh Annie, where were you today?
You missed two weddings and the mayor's wake
We thought you'd be here for your share of the brew
But today's the day you left us dear Annie McGrew

They'll pass some to you
Your coffin's filled up with growlers of booze
My family's heartbroke and that's all to do
With the final passing of Annie McGrew

Emerald Isle

Written By: A.J. Laird

According to my family when I was just a lad
I never cared for anything that I've ever had
My heart was always searching for a better place to be
So when I finally came of age I headed out to sea

Emerald Isle where I was born
I may miss thee when I'm gone
Though the stone that's full of blarney is such a sight to see
There's a bright and bonny world out there waiting just for me

I landed first in Scotland whose hills are lush and green
But I spent more time in a B&B I found in Aberdeen
That was thanks to a lovely lass who took my breath away
And after her bad haggis I was sick for ninety days

Next stop for me was London and I was met by old Big Ben
But the grey and cloudy skies fall hard when you're without a friend
Yes Piccadilly Circus is quite a wild scene
But there's just so many times a man can hear "God Save The Queen"

Emerald Isle where I was born
I may miss thee when I'm gone
Though the walls of Castle Lismore are full of history
There's a bright and bonny world out there waiting just for me

I spent some dandy time in Spain and frequented Madrid
There's kids around so I can't tell exactly what I did
Let's just say there's a seniorita with memories of me
And her name's with me forever with my tattoo of sweet Marie

Portugal was right next door so that was next to view
Beautiful as it may be there's not one thing to do
Founded by the Celts (Right on!) in 300 B.C.
I see now why they left it there; it's not my cup of tea

Emerald Isle where I was born
I may miss thee when I'm gone
Though the sands of Rosslare Harbor are as white as white can be
There's a bright and bonny world out there waiting just for me

Four and twenty months have I wandered
Up and down the coastline I have roamed
And the wonders I have witnessed in my travels
Lead me that much closer to home

Emerald Isle I'm coming home
And I have missed thee while I've been gone
Though the world is full of wonders the one thing I have seen
Is I belong in the land of Eire that's so a part of me

Oh Emerald Isle I'm coming home
And yes I've missed thee while I've been gone
Yes the farther I have wandered now I can clearly see
That I belong with the ones I love and with my family


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Set List

Typical set list (three-hour evening):
John Barleycorn Must Die
Emerald Isle
Black and Tans
Annie McGrew
Star of the County Down
Cryin' Loud
Dinner's Set
The Ring
Welcome Inside
Rowdy's Pub
Neverending (© Keith Roberts, The Young Dubliners)
Old Man
Mairi's Wedding/Nolan's Game/Tell My Ma
Truth Be Told
Girls of the Clare
The Night Before
Miles Ahead, Miles Behind
Primrose Path
Minstrels and Troubadours
Tullamore Dew
Liam's Romp
Ballydesmond Polkas
The Darby Ram
All For Me Grog
Muirsheen Durkin
Mick McGuire
Tim Finnegan
Reilly's Daughter
Big Strong Man
Seven Drunken Nights
Boffyflow and Spike (© Van Morrison)
King's Crown
Margaret by The Sea
Into The Mystic (© Van Morrison)
Danny Boy
Roll Me Over
Drowsy Maggie
Old Dun Cow

All songs are either original or The Sandcarvers' interpretation of traditional tunes unless otherwise noted.