Sandeep Raval

Sandeep Raval

 London, England, GBR

A cooperative organised by world music percussionist Sandeep Raval with the aim of developing the world music concept in the true spirit of fusion, with a strong emphasis on the celebration of rhythm


Sandeep Raval the most versatile multi percussionist – composer “extreme diversity of styles and experience" he has performed many major live events, name a few festival of India in Moscow, featuring 3000 acts all from the field of live folk and dance music. Sandeep's knowledge of the rhythms from the differing regions of world provided an invaluable starting point for the various compositions on albums Tigers Of The Raj, A Voyage of Peace, Raising the Rhythm, Drums On Fire etc.
Sandeep Continues to perform and record in variety of Indian and non Indian genres this also including famous Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musical Bombay Dreams & The Far Pavilion. Sandeep is also presenting his original concepts as live performances "Regroove The Globe" ,“Swar Vishvam”, “Gujarat A Celebration at Royal Albert Hall”, “A Blessing”(60 piece symphony historical event wembley conference centre London introducing new audience to symphony)and "worship of sound" (see ) More please visit


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Set List

45 minutes to 1 hour cutting edge performance