Sandhya Sanjana Band

Sandhya Sanjana Band

 Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

Born and raised in the Cosmopolis of Contrasts, Sandhya's music is a mix of Indian melodies and rhythms, with jazz and world flavors. Or is it jazz with an Indian flavor? The answer will always elude us.


Sandhya was classically trained in India under various gurus. Later she discovered Miles Davis and John Coltrane and the world of jazz, she also heard Hermeto Pascoal and his brand of Brazilian music and started fusing these styles with Indian classical vocals. She also draws on the rich cultural/poetic tradtion of India for inspiration.

After moving to Europe, she embarked on a solo career. Living in Amsterdam, she has composed, recorded and performed her music, which seamlessly blends various styles. In the last years, she has toured and performed all over the world.