Sandip Dasgupta

Sandip Dasgupta

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Our band is a great blend of classic and alternative rock, with the right amount of "new sound" - something like Queen meets Audioslave meets U2 meets Ravi Shankar. The lyrics are super, the rhythms driving and catchy, and our image is sooooo hot!


Sandip is the songwriter of the band and brings his maudlin-cum-angry persona to the forefront, with songs that are potent and uplifting, when they're not accidentally smarmy.

Vikas loves Stewart Copeland and Neil Pert, and adds a Heavy Metal boom to the mix. His cleverness makes us reaalllly sexy

Peter is a clasically trained painist and will beat us up during recess if we don't pay attention to color, tone, expression, variety, and all sorts of other weird things.

Jay is a Chili Peppers meets Radiohead kind of guy, and a complete smartass. His basslines are extremely catchy, provide counterpoint, and make us sound jiggy


Lotus Roll

Written By: Sandip Dasgupta

Everyday I wake up dreaming
Feel my way along the road
The landscape goes on speeding by
My snapshot finger’s slow

The scene is awash in shadows
Treats and cheats lurk within
Let me hear you tell it;
I’m not the doctor of my spin

I’m the duke of danger, the sage of rage,
I’ll rattle your walls from inside my cage
Feel free to pass this way
Just keep the dogs at bay

Mama can you come on and hold me
Live in love just like you told me
Be the same with the young and old me

Find me a map to hold
A lotus, a road to gold
A home for my dice to roll

There’s wisdom in the trenches
There’s gold up in the hills
We suffocate from the lion’s breath
The tears of the clown spill

The note isn’t pure and easy
I want to sing the song
Playing tug of war with the torch
That’s how we move along.


All I know all I hear
Is to keep the vision real and clear
There’s nothing to see folks move along
To your little den of fear

Don’t you worry I’ll be around
The ghost you lock up is where I’ll be found


Do you try to paint your mirror
Do you hide from the sky
Smiling is oh so easy
The truth is always shy

So let me tell you about my heros
I wish they didn’t have a name
We might have the same credo
But our photo album ain’t the same


Now I’m sliding down the freeway
Don’t be mad if I pass you by
No time for a rest stop
I’m catching up with other guy

Freedom is so windy
Am I really in this zone
Please down pull me over
I’m just looking for my lotus roll

Set List

Our set list is currently up to 15 songs, although we've been known to fake it for 90 minutes if necessary....