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"Sandira Press"

Recent Reviews

“This is a fine slab of one part glam, one part Siouxsie, and one part Blondie. The lead track is a cracker”.
Metal4life....3 out of5.

“With a female lead singer who evokes memories of Siouxsie Sioux with a style that may owe a little to the Pixies, this is one of the most polished singles I’ve heard for a while. This isn’t your standard femme-fronted fare at all, as it turns out that girls really can rock like boys after all.”
Bubble Jam – fanzine Nov 06

“A Steppenwolf for our times, perhaps?”
First cuts, Jacky Hayden, Hot press. Oct 06

“Driving beats, new-wave guitars with charismatic vocals that conjure the great female punk vocalists-Patty Smith, PJ Harvey and Ari Up. ‘Hanging on the Wire’ is laced with a kind of laid–back ferocity that sucks you deep into a punky world where agit-pop and sit-up-and–listen anger are king.
‘Double headed Hunting arrows’ is a new-wave anthem in the making. With a rallying cry that asks why we do nothing, say nothing, and then make excuses. A pertinent message in these self centred days.
‘Bella Donna’ takes you down a notch into beautifully crafted, angst-fuelled pop world. Jerky, twitchy and infectiously catchy, Sandira make global punk music that sits comfortably in an age of bland, no questions asked radio pop.
Fuse….Nov 06.

“Sandira’s wavy, reserved vocals suit the material- amiable comfortable music that desperately begs for radio time.”
The Big Issue……Dec 06

“ ‘Hanging on the wire’ starts with a simple guitar riff the builds to a tidy piece of spiky indie heaven., Sandira herself and the track itself come across immediately as Patti Smith, and that’s no bad thing, its quite refreshing to hear a song that’s ‘Punk’ or ‘agit-pop’ in its original sense. Fans of PJ Harvey should be breaking down doors to get a copy of this.
Bella Donna starts off country and Sandira drops into ‘4 non blondes’ mode, really the similarity is eerie, I had to double check to see whether she had done vocals on ‘What’s going on’.
REM crossed with the White stripes but with edginess to their guitars.”
Err, lost the reference for this.

“A Lizzy-Mercier-Descloux-fronted Breed77. One is what you see: the other is what you hear…..Incredible this single is only the second the band has ever recorded. Some bands are made, others are born. Sandira are definitely more of the latter.
UK-fusion .com

“This is a slice of something different. To Begin with, Sandira (the Singer) has a powerful voice with the sound of someone who has toured hard to be where she is. The instruments supporting her have a live quality too. I suspect that a live performance by this band would be explosive and impressive.”
Vanguard online -Nov 06

“Nervy slab of Patti Smith-ism”

It all starts with Mig’s riff. A tight, spiky invention that bristles with cool-eyed Stokes menace, before vocalist Sandira kicks in with the guttural passion and honest melodramatics of Patti Smith. By the time we get to the chorus, the tune’s taut jittery charms reach Empire State-sized proportions. Clean yet Sleazy, ferocious-yet-razor sharp and angry –yet-poppy, this is a formidably captivating blast of agit-rock.
Bella Donna, we get what can only be described as Bryan Ferry backed by Metallica. Typically brutal, but showing a flair for dramatic invention, this band know how to hit hard and hit well.”
Overplay, Oct 07
- various


"Blood Rose"- Single-Independent release.
"Hanging on the Wire"- single ( 3 songs). released uk: nov 06 on corrupt drive records.( distribution via plastic Head at HMV and amazon) Radio air play Rockerilla – Radio Capodistia and London Calling. very good reviews
"Sound the alram " release date 13th october 2007 also on Corrupt drive records via CD Baby, iTunes , Napster etc



Lead Vocalist:Sandira herself (from New Zealand) is a brilliant multi- percussionist with a deep love of Indie, and new wave song structure. She grew up playing percussion with The Shamen, Loop Guru and William Orbit. She has sidelined her percussive skills to shine as rhythm guitarist and Lead vocals (evoking PJ Harvey & Patty Smith in power and emotional vocabulary).
Lead Guitar:Miguel Barreto (from Portugal) brings rock licks, cross rhythms and riffs aka Skunk Anancy-Queens of the Stone Age, all mixed up and energised. He started life playing for beer money in the bars of Portugal. If he didn’t know it he’d learn it in the break or bring it in the next day. Needles to say the more successful he became the more beers he drank and the les coherent he became. We pay him in guitar strings now.
Bass:Rodrigo Lemos Nun’s Brazilian heritage is the groove; He arrived in London two years ago to study music met the band in his first week here.
Drums: Peppe Celardo is Italian and simply the best drummer. Finding Sandira before he even found somewhere to live or work. Now studying Drums @ Drum Tech. He likes scary industrial metal but we forgive him.
Sandira have been recording with the blessings of Pete Skank @ Corrupt Drive Studio. Sound the Alram is their third offering Due for release on Corrupt Drive Records on 14th October2007. Sandira are a hybrid band with loads of ideas and a great attertude.