Sandi Simon

Sandi Simon

 Murrieta, California, USA

Sandi's music focuses on Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and encourages the listener to turn to Him for answers. The melodies are peaceful and inspirational, and the lyrics touch the soul in places where people need touching the most.

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It's Your Quiet Love

Written By: Sandi Simon

It’s Your Quiet Love
Sandi Simon, © 2006 Sandi Simon


Lord I’m afraid

I think I’ve lost my way

I can’t seem to hear Your voice calling me

What have I done?

I need to see the Son

And hear the sweet voice of Jesus call my name


But it’s Your quiet love

The times I just want to give up

Your Spirit brings me to my knees

And humbles me

It’s Your quiet love


Lord I’m confused

Distracted and unused

I don’t know where I made the turn away from You

Nothing is clear

Can’t see through my tears

I’m straining to hear the voice I know is near

Don’t wanna leave the path that leads to You

Just wanna see Your hand in all I do (repeat)