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-Sandpeople- A beautiful fusion of talent and dependencies.


Sandpeople was formed roughly 5 years ago as an unlikely
gathering of hip-hop artists in the Pacific Northwest. The crew that now calls Portland, Oregon home has evolved into a 10-member unit fully equipped to fill a stage and empty a keg (preferably in reverse order). In their early stages, founding member Mo-B assembled a crew of eight members who were all carving out their own respective niches as solo artists, which included Illmaculate, OnlyOne, Goldini Bagwell, iame, Al-One, Simple, and DJ Spark. When Mo-B then moved down to Eugene, Oregon for college, he became impressed with the work ethic and skills of a rapper who had previously had considerable success in Australia named Ethic and a rapper/producer named Sapient. Soon, Ethic and Sapient spent the next two months doing “power weekends,” leaving Eugene after work on Friday to drive two hours north to Portland and then driving back down the following Monday morning just in time for work so they could a full weekend with the rest of the crew at Simple’s home studio.

In their formative years, Simple’s house became the creative think tank where all members worked around-the-clock on new projects, sharpening their skills and collectively honing their craft. Within the first two months of “power weekending,” Sandpeople created and self-released their debut album, Points of View, which was recorded over a two-week span. The album gained a cult-like following and spread virally along the west coast and the underground hip-hop scene.

Points of View, which was only for sale at CD Baby and iTunes, quickly grabbed the attention of music fans everywhere; people started burning CD’s and passing them to friends, and they even discovered that someone in LA was selling a compilation made up of his favorite Sandpeople tracks called Sandtrap. Eventually, industry people in LA picked up on Sandpeoples’ buzz, which led to a yearlong courtship by Epic Records in 2005. “The whole experience was crazy and a proved to be a very valuable lesson for us,” remembers rapper Ethic. “I remember two funny things – Epic Records flew a producer up to Portland to work on our demo. At the time, he was dating a girl who would eventually be in Danity Kane and she sang on one of our hooks. Later we saw them break up on the show, which was kinda weird,” he says lightheartedly. “The other amusing thing was that our A&R guy from Epic was juggling two projects at the same time – one was us and the other was The Fray. Boy, we got the short end of that stick,” says Ethic with a laugh.

Sandpeople used their experience and valuable lessons learned from the Epic Records courtship to step up their hustle. In addition to learning how the business worked, the crew worked to improve their song writing. They evolved from being rappers who had fun recording all weekend long to finish as many as six songs to focusing on perfecting just two songs. “We concentrated on increasing our quality, as opposed to quantity,” says Ethic. He continues, “The dream became more attainable to us. We felt like we were on the same level of people we had previously looked up to and changed our level of professionalism accordingly.”

The groups' appeal has grown immensely amongst industry players and fans alike because of the recent success of a few key members of Sandpeople. After winning the world-renowned battle at Scribble Jam in 2004, rapper Illmaculate went on to win back-to-back titles in the internationally recognized World Rap Championships hosted by Jumpoff .TV. He has since gained exposure through Comcast On-Demand, XXL Magazine and was named one of Vibe Magazine’s top 50 rappers on MySpace.

The crew’s producer Sapient has also made a name for himself. His signature sound is quickly gaining him a national reputation as one of the best up-and-coming talents on the independent hip-hop scene. He has produced tracks featuring: Tech N9ne, Inspectah Deck (Wu-Tang Clan), Slug (Atmosphere), Aesop Rock, Sean Price (Boot Camp Clik), and The Grouch (Living Legends), just to name a few.

Sandpeople’s newest effort, the aptly titled EP Long Story, Short..., is the product of the insight gained from their major label courtship and their deeply ingrained work ethic and self-imposed high standards. The result of such motivation is an ironclad project that walks the fine line of being both accessible and impressive, while ensuring the emcee’s talents and numbers are on full display. With concepts ranging from the struggles of being self-funded ("Money is on Their Minds") to overcoming the adversity of a hypercompetitive indie hip-hop scene ("Hate Aside"), Sandpeople manage to carve their diverse personalities into the inherently brief EP format. From boasting a fierce introduction of back-to-back verses on the lead track "Strands"


Hate Aside (clean)

Written By: Sandpeople

Yeah we do what we want, Bringin' the truth to your false
Way of life, finding clues when you're lost is hard
Like finding worth in those jewels that you flaunt or
Finding work without the tools for the job
But trust me, this ain't just a job
I'll be twistin' knobs until the mix is suave
I think about every button I push
Like every button I push was making a missile launch, yeah.
Leaving the world in disorder
Killin' it until we seein' rigor mortis and liquor pourin'
But with this music we build on the ruins
I got the bricks and mortar, Let's keep it movin', shiftin' forward
I'm tryna take it like it's mine for the takin'
Live in the place, with divine innovation
Why would you hate this
That's a sign that your mind states too prideful, spiteful and basic
There ain't shit you can say...
There ain't no rules in this game we play
Hate aside there ain't shit you can say
All hate aside, let's be real for a moment, Let's build,
I can feel it in my soul when the momentum builds
and we don't want to feel, like we owed y'all respect
but you won't let us chill, it's a snowball effect
I don't want to see them quotes on the net
you got somethin' to say, I'll take the phonecall direct
I don't owe y'all, no, naw, what y'all expect?
it ain't a game we playin', ain't no coach on your bench
I know I'm an arrogant fuck
but let's keep it in perspective there's barely enough
I'm airin' 'em out, apparently I'm tearin' it up
so stare at me wrong, get your fair share of them lumps
Beware of the snakes, only teach sincerity but
still keep a small circle like a carrot that's cut
player, I swear on my nuts,
I could kill it all day, but you can only bury me once.
remember that.
Chorus x2
Yeah we do what we must, before that tool that you bust
gets bucked a new cut's leavin' your stomach tucked
as I conduct liposuction on this fat blunt
wait let me light this up, I have to, like it's a
OCD tendency, SP's been releasing CD's independently
MC's squeezin' their weaponry, please
To step could cause irreparable damage
Hence the reputable status, yes we have the upper hand in this
And this is just the beginning, of an addiction
to get rich, just independent and it's a misprint
to call us misfits, 'cause we don't fit in
don't get it twisted, we still causin' mischief
and there's no god, but I feel some christian rappers
and stay high, explains why I get distracted
I roll it up, smoke it and flick the ashes
and still manage a business, you could just imagine
Chorus x2
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I Don't Care

Written By: Sandpeople

I really hate to be like this but, I gotta let you know, that I don't care.
I never really liked you much and I hope that you die slow and I won't care.
I'm gonna be straight up
Like a column, they wanna grind and dance
For that thing in ya pants,
You know ya wallet, The hoe's high mileage
And if she get the chance she'd put a stamp on more balls than Spalding.
Wants a romance that’s symbolic.
So we made the headboard go back n forth like it had hydraulics.
She wants me to come, out of pocket,
I'm down for boot knocking but not shoe shopping
Yo please be cautious
I'm a heartbreaker babe,
Gave her a defibrillator for valentines day
She swears I'll change but the truth is
I'm a stay that old dog with new tricks and you miss,
Were gifted with angelic precision
That made me religious to visits at parenthood clinics
Bitches gonna love this track,
It ain’t about them but they got home girls like that, gya.
I really hate to be like this but, I gotta let you know, that I don't care.
I never really liked you much and I hope that you die slow and I won't care.
It went down like this
Drink in hand against the wall lit
Observing suicide virgins and lipstick alcoholics
Body's beautiful but minds out past there curfew
It's nothing unusual
Just chicken heads with bird flu
His famous lines
"Girl I'll never hurt you"
And with her faintest sigh she opens her thighs and pursues.
Afraid of rejection and scared to say no.
Flash the message everything that glitters ain't gold
Get to full of yourself you'll break your halo
Knock the stuffing out ya egg roll
"I'm not a hoe" and I'm like "if ya say so"
It's a dead giveaway when you got mt. hood dripping out ya nasal.
A woman scorned will tan until she's orange
And starve herself until you can see her ribs form.
I'm sure it's the little things that make you insecure as hell.
So I ask you
"How can I care when you don't care about yourself?"
I really hate to be like this but, I gotta let you know, that I don't care.
I never really liked you much and I hope that you die slow and I won't care.
Only One:
God made life simplistic
In the truce someone cuff their fist
Seducing me with lipstick two tongues and luscious lips
It's sadistic...
I don't know the truth, but I trust this kiss
Even though I hit it you don't love me
Cupid must of missed
Sentences build heaps, your sentiments still cheap
Put your two cents in these sensitive silk sheets
I grip your shed skin, heart though tense of it still beats
She treads on every second that I held in
Hells been in your eyes and I painted with ink
On the inside of my eyes to see the devil when I blink.
She being strange or clever
Every lie through bellowed breath
In front of snakes we came together eating fruit the willow hexed
Becoming vain is better than to kill your silhouette
But those fallen angel feathers haven't filled my pillows yet
I sleep on issues, those demons seem to miss you
I'm to nice it seems you someone to beat and pimp you
Eden's blissful, why is it the evilness that gets you.
On that tree you'll find Adam and Eve's initials
Knowledge was a sin on that tree that holds fruit
Call me a sinner because I ate and now I know the truth
And it hurts..
But that’s not what you believe in
And you leaving me to be drug free ain't a reason
Just know, you and I could never live in Eden.
You can rip out my heart
But if I rip out your rib we're even.


Points of View (Sandpeople) - 2004
All in Vain (Sandpeople) - 2005
Noise Complaints (Iame) - 2005
The Hate (Mo-B & Only One) - 2005
Tied To Things (Simple) - 2005
Crown Control (Debaser) - 2006
Armed & Hammered (Bad Neighbors) - 2006
The One & Only (Al-One & Only One) - 2006
The City Sleeps (Sandpeople Japanese exclusive) - 2006
Due Yesterday (Clockwerk)-2007 SHW recordings
B-Sides Vol. 1 (Sandpeople) 2007
Raincheck Mixtape-(Illmaculate) 2007
Honest-Racket- (Sandpeople) 2007
Mini Van Halen (DJ Spark)
Letterhead - (Sapient ) 2008
B-Sides Vol. 2 (Sandpeople) 2009
Police Brutality (illmaculate & OnlyOne) 2009
Long Story Short -EP (Sandpeople) 2009
Make More (Sapient) 2009
I Am My Enemy (IAME) 2009
Make Morphine (Sapient) 2009
Back To Work (Debaser) 2009
Famine Friends (Sapient) 2009
Peerless (Debaser) 2010
Lightfighter (IAME) 2010
Barrels & Feathers (Sapient) 2010
Chron (OnlyOne)
Green Tape (illmaculate)
Lame (IAME) 2011
Talk of the Town EP (Al-One) 2011
Sandpeople Music Presents OnlyOne (OnlyOne) 2011
Eaters Volume 1: Tusks (Sapient) 2011
Chainsmoke (Goldini Bagwell)
Skrill Walton (illmaculate)
Gunwings (Sapient)

Set List

Our Typical set is 45 minutes to one hour in length.
Given our crews depth, we are able to provide more than 2 hours worth of original music from our many releases. In such a case, we would subdivide into smaller numbers per set with the entire crew taking the stage to conclude the event.