Sandra Colton

Sandra Colton


Sandra is urban pop with a sultry sizzle! This singer, dancer, actress is a triple threat in entertainment & in publishing. Giving you Music That Makes You Move! Sandra is an Original Girl! Not only is she talented on stage but she's also a Magazine Owner/Publisher, Songwriter and Poetry Author.


Sandra is a Rising Star! With catchy hooks, fly dance moves and stage presence unmatched, Sandra is a force to be reckoned with! This 22 year old beauty has a background in voice and dance (tap, jazz, hip-hop, tumbling), Sandra is a former Laker Girl, Star Search Teen Dance Champion and Finalist on FOX's hit show So You Think You Can Dance. She's played Hollywood's hottest clubs including the Viper Room, Key Club, White Lotus, Cabana Club and more! Her sultry voice and complex dance moves make her a cross between Appelonia, Janet Jackson, Cassie and Marilyn Monroe. Some of Sandra's influences are En Vogue, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Paula Abdul and many more. Currently featured in a national Fruit of the Loom Commercial, IBM Print Ad, You can also find Sandra appearing on HBO, MTV and more in videos for Justin Timberlake, Chelo, Too Short and comedy special with Cedric the Entertainer. Her drive and determination have her rising fast in this business and was featured in the Jan. 11, 2007 issue of Backstage East/West recognized as and upcoming singer in addition to being documented by MuvTV this past Fall.



Written By: Sandra Colton

I walk down the street, yeah
Dancers say she's Beat
So she Struts
Right, Left and inbetween
I wave to my peeps, what's up?

And yes, I work
Yes, I's very that!
Yes, then Twirl...ooh you got that?!
Yes, you just shake your thang!

You see me on the scene
Model or beauty queen I Strut
At home or in the street
Catwalk or club you've got to Strut


Shoulders Back
Hips to the Front
Head up

I'm moving and groovin'
I get right to it
Showcase your style and just STRUT
Because I graceful and tasteful
Satin and Laceful
You know you've got it so just STRUT


As Heidi Klum would say, You're either IN or you're OUT!


Written By: Sandra Colton

Some call me golddigga...mmm Tiger bring the beat back...

Some call me golddigga
Cause penny pinchin'
Ain't my thang
Call me spoiled and rotten
Cause I rock them rings
Now wouldn't it figure
You'd play my game
You know I got a sweet tooth
So give me that sugar cane

Just gimme that
Sugar Daddy
Let me ride in your
Just gimme that
Sugar Daddy
I'm a good girl
Don't you wanna make me

I need a cash allowance
And a Black Card too
If you treat me right
I'll be good to you
Some say I'm nice
But I play naughty too
Satisfy my toothache
And give me some of you


Oooh...Everytime I get close to you
Oooh...You make me feel so good inside
Oooh...I just wanna be your baby
So gimme whatcha got for me
Sprinkle it on me, Yes I need your


Boom Crack

Written By: Sandra Colton


I wanna introduce myself
My name is SANDRA and this is a diddy I call "Boom Crack"
I know everybody's bringin Sexy Back
But put a little bit of that HOT SAUCE in it for me
Can you do that? Let's keep it Saucy!

Verse 1:
Do You See Me
I've Got What You Need

So, Just Relax
Your Mind And
Let Me Take Control of
Your Body Your Soul
Just Relax Your Mind And
Let Me Take Control of
Your Body Baby! Oh!

Work it, Pop it
Grab it, Smack it
Drop it, Don't stop it
Boom Crack, Gank Tip

Verse 2:
Are You Feelin Me?
I Spy What I Need

Pre-Chorus Repeat

Chorus Repeat

Bridge Breakdown:
I see you lookin at me
Am I givin you what you need?
Oh, you need profiles, mmm...ladies!
Right, Left
Front, Back
Round and Round, Smile
Boom Crack!

You know you you want it
You know you, you want it
So come and get it
So come and get it
So come and get it
You want this, Let's Go!

Chorus Repeat

Let's Break It Down Now, Uh
Ah, Get Loose Now
Boom Crack

Can't Sleep

Written By: Sandra Colton

Verse 1:
Rainy nights I spend all alone
Sittin' home all by myself
Afraid to venture out alone
Fear for my life, your in my head

I don't want you to see
What you've done to me
Why couldn't you just leave?
Without hurting me

You Don't
Get the benefit of the doubt
You Won't
Ever enter this house
Who do you think you are?
And better yet...

Why you watchin' me?
Why can't you just leave?
You eyes keep following me
And I feel you outside my window
Almost nightly
My mind's goin' crazy
I can't sleep
Cause you broke my heart
When You...You Cheated on Me

Verse 2:
Your love twistin' me in
Your lies throwin' me out
Into your gutted eyes and wrotted teeth
Inside myself I begin to weep
No joy just pain
Inside my heart
And from that very day
I knew we had to part

Pre-Chorus REPEAT


Ooh ooh (laugh)
You said I was the only one
Ooh ooh (laugh)
And that I was so much fun
How you gonna play
Around with me?
And from that very day
I knew I had to leave

Pre-Chorus REPEAT

Chorus Repeat

You Broke My Heart When You

Be Free

Written By: Sandra Colton

Verse 1:
Hopped a flight to Vegas, With my girls, ya see
Stayed at The Hotel, And soaked up the scene
Lingerie in tow, A bachelorette party
Will Begin In Sin
City Lights Come On, Let's Enjoy The Show
Limo To The Club , VIP For Sure
All our drinks are free in the Jungle
For you and me, ya see

Sometimes It Just Comes Over Me
Truth or Dare Ask Me
And Dare It Wil Be
Cause I wanna just

Be Free
Dontcha wanna come
See Me
I heard ya talkin bout ya
Teasin Me, Yeah
Don't ya wanna Just
Be with Me

You know you want to

Verse 2:
Give a Girl Direction how to play the part
A little show and tell, make-up and hair to start
Signature moves will complete the deed
And you'll see, is it me?
Is it really me?
An alter ego on the prowl
Head to Toe ready to show a True night out
In this scene my girls and me will practice our routine
Ooh, just follow me

Pre-Chorus REPEAT


Because You know I
Rock the Stage just like I Rock the Cage
Any spectator will say the same
Sway of my hips now you get the gist
Now get ready to, Are you ready to?
Rock the stage just like I rock the cage
Look into my eyes and play my game
Unleash your inhibitions and get ready to Rock


I'll be your alibi

Ooh Boy!

Written By: Sandra Colton (Chorus Lyric - Norman Whitfield)

Ooh Boy I love you so
Never ever ever gonna let you go
Once I get my hands on you
Ooh Boy I love you so
Never ever ever gonna let you go
I hope you feel the same way too

Verse 1:
Every night, I thank God that I met you boy
I can't believe, you came along to love me so
I wanna be, with you forever ever more
Its like a dream come true the day that I met you

Every time I feel your touch, please don't let go
You stole my heart, I was yours right from the very start
With every kiss, my love for you is forever true
Let's stay this way, that's why I've got to say


Verse 2:
I think of you, and only you all day and nite
Just hold me tight, let's do whatever feels right
You are the one, the one that I've been waiting for
Come stay with me, and share your every fantasy

We should be, together boy can't you see
My heart is yours, you are on my mind constantly
And don't you know that you and I were meant to be
Take me away, each and every day

Ooh Boy, You know I want you
Ooh Boy, You know I need you
Ooh ooh Boy, You know I love you
Now you've got to stay
So help me.. help me say




Just Dance EP to be released Feb. 14, 2007 with first single "Sugar" already on iTunes. Her second single STRUT to be released soon.

Set List

Typical set list includes songs from her debut CD Just Dance.
Set length varies by venue (15-30 Min.)