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"So You Think You Can Dance - And Sing?"

You've heard of the show "So You Think You Can Dance," but now a finalist from season one wants to prove she can sing as well.

Today (Sept. 29), Sandra Colton will be holding a release party for her debut solo album, which is appropriately titled Just Dance, and believes it will show fans of her moves that her pipes are just as good as her stems. Says Colton: "When I was on "So You Think You Can Dance", nobody knew I could sing. It was a dance competition so that's what I focused on, but I sang all the time, in private behind the scenes." In keeping with both her dance and singing passions, Colton adds that her album is full of "music that makes you move."
She describes it as "sultry, urban pop; kind of like Cassie meets Janet meets Marilyn Monroe's "Santa Baby."

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- (September 29, 2006 - Wireless Flash News -

"Sultry Diva - Harry Denton's Starlight Room"

San Francisco's premiere Wednesday night destination for the past decade and counting is Sebastien Entertainment's Indulgence, at Harry Denton's Starlight Room atop the Sir Frances Drake Hotel. Tonight, Harry & Sebastien treated their guests with a rare live performance from Sandra Colton! The sultry diva worked the crowd with Boom Crack, the first single to drop on her debut album Just Dance. With celebrity performances, hot club hits spun by DJ Dave Gillis, elegant staff in evening gowns & tuxedos, standing elbow to elbow amongst sophisticated & stylish urbanites and an eyeful of the most spectacular penthouse views at every turn, there was no way for you not to feel like a VIP at Indulgence Wednesdays. - (March 8, 2007 -

"RadioIndy Review of Sandra's "SUGAR""

“Sugar” is a catchy pop single by Sandra Colton. The song has a memorable chorus, a clever theme and a hot backing beat. Check out Sandra’s sexy vocals. If you enjoy dance pop music you’ll enjoy this CD single. Pick up a copy today.
- RadioIndy Staff - (May 1, 2007)

"Life After 'So You Think You Can Dance'"

Life after So You Think You Can Dance certainly hasn't been dull nor dark for booted finalist, Sandra Colton. In the competition, Sandra was known mostly for her tap dancing talent, but she realized after her elimination that she showed only one of the many gifts that she possessed. Aside from tap, Sandra is also adept at performing hip-hop and jazz, and most recently, she released her debut album, Just Dance. All of the songs were written by Sandra (with the exception of one chorus), and since the release of Just Dance, she has been working extra hard in gaining exposure for her album. Among the songs in Just Dance are "Strut," "Sugar," "Boom Crack," "Be Free" and "Signature."

With a background in Journalism from the University of Oregon, Sandra came out with her own web magazine entitled Original Girl. The magazine was created for young females who are in the process of completing their tertiary education. Each issue contains a variety of articles that talk about the latest in clothes, the entertainment industry and technology. Most importantly, the magazine also serves as a manual for students with regard to their future careers and money issues. Sandra included the financial guide for students because when she was still in school, she seldom received smart and reliable money advice.

Despite also excelling in things outside of the music industry, Sandra's great talent in singing and dancing are what will surely bring her far in this world. After all, she has been performing since she was three years old and has spent most of her life honing her skills. In addition, she was a cheerleader during college and subsequently became a part of the L.A. Lakers Cheerleading Squad. The music of another former Laker Girl, Paula Abdul, was among those that Sandra enjoyed listening to during her formative years. - - (May 12, 2007 - By Groshan Fabiola)

"Audiogasm - New Music Review - Sandra's 'Just Dance'"

Anyone who is an avid viewer of Fox's hit TV show "So You Think You Can Dance" will probably recognize the female fireball Sandra Colton from a few seasons back. Ever since her debut on the show she has been busy, touring the nation gaining fans and performing at big venues like The Viper Room, Key Club, Cabana Club, and White Lotus. Her combination of dance moves and singing voice have gotten her the description of being "a cross between Appelonia, Janet Jackson, Cassie, and Marilyn Monroe." I got my hands on her album "Just Dance" and had a listen.

The tracks touted as her hit songs are "Boom Crack," "STRUT," and "Sugar," so these are the ones I checked out first. Of the three, "Boom Crack" was the one that stood out as a fun song. It has a hard beat that would be a blast to dance to, and as Sandra is an accomplished dancer, I can see why she chose it.

I do want to make a note, all of the songs on the album were written or co-written by Sandra herself, which is definitely worth mentioning as it seems to be a rarity in the music industry at large, and especially in the R&B category.

Sandra shows some awesome potential. She has worked her pretty little butt off, forcefully climbing the ladder to musical success. Releasing this debut album will showcase that potential and undoubtedly skyrocket her upward. Sandra will definitely be a musical force to pay attention to. - (May 22, 2007 - By Luke Miller)

"Fans of Dance Pop Will Dig Just Dance by Sandra!"

CD Review: Just Dance, by Sandra

Fans of the Fox TV reality show, So You Think You Can Dance, might remember Sandra Colton, the big haired tap dancer who made it to the Sweet Sixteen before getting the boot. To answer Fox’s question, not only does Sandra think she can dance – she definitely CAN dance. And on her debut indie CD release, appropriately title, Just Dance, the lovely Miss Colton also proves that she can sing.

Just Dance, as you might expect, is a dance club album, filled with steady-beat tunes designed to make it easy for party-goes to never miss a step. From the sultry, heat-inducing opener, “Signature,” through the moody and meandering “Boom Crack,” to the frenetic title cut, club DJ’s will find plenty of spin-worthy tunes.

Sandra possess a pleasing voice that falls somewhere between the hiphop sensibilities of Janet Jackson and the more theatrical confidence of Diana Ross. She also is a gifted lyricist, writing or co-writing the lyrics for every cut on the album. I only wish she had used that talent to explore a broader range of musical territory, but that’s a personal quibble. Those who like their albums pure from top to bottom would probably disagree.

Bottom line: fans of dance pop will dig it. - (March 26, 2007 - By Mike Parker)

"From Dancer To Singer"

Sandra Colton: Be Prepared for Opportunity

"Never let anybody tell you no," advises Sandra. "There are lot of people in this industry who think they hae the inside knowledge to tell you what you should or shouldn't be doing, but if you have a passion for something, you have to go after it, despite what other people might say. And the other thing is to be ready when it happens. There is nothing worse than for an opportunity to present itself and you not be prepared for it. For example, just the other day I was asked if I could do a job as a backup singer for Paulina Rubio on the Jay Leno show. Of course I said yes. Then they asked me if I could sing in Spanish, and I told them, 'No, but I will be able to by tomorrow.'" (This meeting was at 8pm and Jay Leno taping was the next day.)

Sandra's recent appearance with Rubio on The Tonight Show was her first job as a backup singer. Prior to that, she worked extensively as a professional dancer. She began her career as a child in a vaudeville-style song-and-tap-dance act with her sister. Known as Colton & Colton, they were the teen dance winners of televisions Star Search in 1992. Sandra has also been a Laker Girl and was one of the top 16 finalists on the first season of So You Think You Can Dance. Her dance career has included appearances on an HBO special with Cedric the Entertainer, a national Fruit of the Loom commercial, and at this year's Nobel Peace Prize concert in Norway.

"But right now, even though I'm still doing dance jobs, I'm mainly working on my album, which is scheduled to come out in January," Sandra says. "My transition into a singing career involves a lot of intermixing of time. In between doing dance jobs for other people, I'm in the studio working on my songs, then back to dance work, then back into the studio again. I go out and do a dance job to make some money, then pour all the money back into building my singing career."

Sandra, who describes her singing style as "urban pop," has been juggling her schedule in this fashion since March 2006, when she made the decision to launch herself as a musical artist in Los Angeles. "I began by doing my own show at the Viper Room," she explains. "I hired backup dancers and the choreographers Brian Friedman and Marty Kudelka, and I debuted some songs that will be on my album." She then embarked on a Hollywood club tour, presenting her show at the Cabana Room White Lotus, the Key Club and the Highlands. "It's about showing audiences the kind of artist I am. It's a hard transition to make, because people still think of me as a dancer. They don't know that I sing and that I also write my own songs."

One of the most difficut aspects of the dancer-to-singer transition, Sandra has discovered, involves learning how to move while you sing. "As a dancer you're used to focusing only on movement, but as a singer you have to pace your movement energy so that you have enough air to get through a song. I practice by running on a tradmill and singing at the same tiem in order to buid the breathing stamina I need."

Other difficult changes, Sandra notes, are having to be more conscious of what you say and do in public and putting together your team, something she never needed as a dancer. "As a backup performer, you're never really the focus, but now I'm the center of attention. I've ad to hire a whole team of people to work for me: a hair stylist, a makeup artist, a publicist, etc. You have to be much more detailed about your career when you're the solo artist. It's about selling an entire package."

During her time as a backup dancer, Sandra acquired a lot of information that she is now finding extremely useful. "Fortunately, I was the kind of dancer who wasn't just interested in what I had to do, but I was always trying to take in everything around me. Many dancers don't realize that they can get more out of ajob thanjust the dancing experience. If you're dealing with a road manaer or sound people or lighting technicians, you canask them, "What does this do? or 'How does this work?' You can accumulate a lot of information, which you'll be able to use in putting together your own act." - BACKSTAGE EAST/WEST (Jan. 11, 2007 - By Lisa Jo Sagolla)

"Sounds Like A Duck"

Former University of Oregon cheerleader Sandra Colton, a Las Vegas native, is scheduled to sing the national anthem before Thursday's game.

Colton, a former Laker Girl, has done work as both a backup singer and backup dancer since leaving Oregon, and she plans to release an album in February. - The REGISTER-GUARD (Dec. 19, 2006 - By Rob Moseley)

"Movie and Record STAR Sandra Colton"

Dan and Nicole chat with Sandra Colton, the up-and-coming singer and dancer.

Sandra is a former high school and college cheerleader and UCA instructor. She competed in season one of "So You Think You Can Dance," made an appearance in "Bring It On - All or Nothing," and she is releasing an album at the end of September.

Dan and Nicole play the first single "Just Dance" on the show.
Don't miss Sandra's advice to young cheerleaders and dancers dreaming of making it big in the entertainment industry! - (Oct. 2, 2006 - Dan & Nicole Radio Show)

"Former UCA Instructor Vies to be the Nation's Best Dancer"

Former UCA instructor, Sandra Colton, is currently staring in this summer's hottest reality television series, "So You Think You Can Dance". This Las Vegas, Nevada native is vying for the chance to be named the nation's best dancer.

Sandra was a member of the UCA staff for three years, but she has been dancing since age 3. She attended college in Washington and has aspired to become a famous singer and dancer ever since. She is definitely going for the win here. But even if she doesn't make the cut, she will still continue pursuing her life goals of recording an album, performing on Broadway in movies and on TV, publishing a magazine, having a successful clothing line, and eventually opening a dance studio in Las Vegas.

FOX teamed up with creators of "American Idol" and the producers of "The American Music Awards" and "American Bandstand" to create this show that has America on its feet as dancers skilled in everything from ballroom and ballet to salsa, jive, and hip hop compete for the illustrious title. 50 fortunate dancers made it past the audition phase and traveled to Hollywood, California to work with five of the top choreographers in the business.

Brian "B Free" Friedman is one of the choreographers/judges on the show, as well as a member of the Company Dance Faculty, a division of Varsity Brands, Inc. Also known as one of the Artistic Team Members in Company Dance, he is a world-renowned choreographer and dancer whose career includes choreographing Britney Spears' Onyx Hotel Tour and choreographing and performing with Janet Jackson, Mya, Pink, Jewel, Beyonce, Queen Latifah, N'Sync, Christina Milian, Aaron Carter, and Hillary Duff. He has acted and danced in popular films such as Charlie's Angels, Uptown Girls, and B2K's U Got Served. He has also performed in and choreographed spots for "Saturday Night Live," "ABC's Dance Fever," "VH1's Divas Live," and several award shows.

Check out "So You Think You Can Dance" Wednesdays on FOX at 8/7c. You can also learn more about the show and catch up on all 16 finalists by going to - (October 2005)


Just Dance EP to be released Feb. 14, 2007 with first single "Sugar" already on iTunes. Her second single STRUT to be released soon.



Sandra is a Rising Star! With catchy hooks, fly dance moves and stage presence unmatched, Sandra is a force to be reckoned with! This 22 year old beauty has a background in voice and dance (tap, jazz, hip-hop, tumbling), Sandra is a former Laker Girl, Star Search Teen Dance Champion and Finalist on FOX's hit show So You Think You Can Dance. She's played Hollywood's hottest clubs including the Viper Room, Key Club, White Lotus, Cabana Club and more! Her sultry voice and complex dance moves make her a cross between Appelonia, Janet Jackson, Cassie and Marilyn Monroe. Some of Sandra's influences are En Vogue, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Paula Abdul and many more. Currently featured in a national Fruit of the Loom Commercial, IBM Print Ad, You can also find Sandra appearing on HBO, MTV and more in videos for Justin Timberlake, Chelo, Too Short and comedy special with Cedric the Entertainer. Her drive and determination have her rising fast in this business and was featured in the Jan. 11, 2007 issue of Backstage East/West recognized as and upcoming singer in addition to being documented by MuvTV this past Fall.