Sandra Lee Ennis Hughes

Sandra Lee Ennis Hughes



My story is being written. I'm helping by putting it into words. Sometimes they turn into songs. My heart follows blues and jazz, my head follows Mr. Dress Up, and my feet won't follow at all.


Pretty Bad Day (Talk Sick)

Written By: Sandra Lee Ennis Hughes

Had a bad day. Went a little crazy and got told to go away. Had a pretty bad day. Lost my job and got evicted. Not quite what I'd predicted. Sure wish I'd better learn to hold my mouth a different way.

But I'm better now. Had a stiff drink with a little nectar from a cow. Ya I'm better now. Got my buddy in a bottle and two goons I'd like to throttle. I know it could be worse but please don't tell me how.

I don't want to work in your toxic shop.
I don't want to get whatever that is you've got.
Get sick enough just being on the planet.
Why would I want to work around you damn it.
When you talk you talk sick. When you pay you pay shit.
So keep your monkey wrenches for your monkeys.

I'm on a bad trip. Got a fever and a headache and a zit. On a pretty bad trip. Well I can handle unemployment, no home, even enjoy it. Did you really need to add to that, I'm sick.

But I'm making it through. Getting along, writing a song with my dog Boo. Oh I'm making it through. And when this day has settled down I'll send my broken hand to town and we'll see if we can't fix your shit pile too.

I don't want to live in your toxic box.
I don't want to get whatever that is you've got.
It's tough enough just being freaking human.
Why would I want to rent your garbage, woman.
When you talk you talk sick. And then you want too much for this pit.
Why don't you keep your garden hoses for your hosers.

I'm in a mess. So I'm told it's a blessing and a test. But I'm in a mess. I thought I'd already passed by not kissing any ass. Looks like I'm wrong again, I acquiesce.

I don't want to live in a toxic world.
I don't want to listen to all those forked tongues curl.
It's bad enough just speakin freakin english.
So many double meanings for one language.
When the talk is sick he'll say bone when he means stick.
So I think I'll leave those sticky bones for the boneheads.

I think I'll leave those sticky bones, leave those garden hoses, leave those monkey wrenches ....... for the monkeys.


Written By: Sandra Lee Ennis Hughes

Floating on a lightbeam
Landing in a jetstream
Chances of being seen are just
So close to nothing

Falling from a dark cloud
Trying hard not to be too loud
Landing in a frightening crowd
I was cut by the lightning

Holding on for one good reason
Reaching out to turn the season
Hoping that it's not too late
facing fears and standing straight
And then sitting here prepared to wait
Cause I love this daydream

Following a river while it's
Circling a dither. Did you want to wait forever to wake up
from a nightmare

Hanging by a heartache sadly
Making tons of mistakes madly
Tearing down the hard road
In a semi with a wide load

Can't you find a reason to hold on
Open up and sing a lovers song
I know it's late but not too late
face your fears and stand up straight
And then settle in, prepare to wait
Your gonna love this daydream

Keeping score and ratings
While at Hockey camp and dating
Sorry, flying isn't skating
How much do you love your trading

Changing coin to paper
Paying for it later, were you
trying not to save her
Do you loathe what made her

Don't we need a reason to hold on
Are we only cyring cause we're done
Wonder if we've gone too far with our city lights and shiny cars. Well I only hope there's life on mars and room for a daydream

Broken (A Little Crazy)

Written By: Sandra Lee Ennis Hughes

I guess there'll always be a part of me that's broken but real.
A place deep inside of my heart that I can't quite hide and won't heal.
Every memory there stands vigil to the death of my dreams.
Not one flower I've put down there's offered me lasting peace.
And I get a little crazy
On what life gave me
As if that's gonna save me
Who said children are resilient had a few things to learn
About the permanent potential in a third degree burn
So if those lies that we decide to swallow stick in our throats
I doubt there'll be much sympathy for us when we choke
And it's gotta make you wonder
What kind of spell we're under
That can hold back thunder
All my choices up to now have been like grasping at straws
It's hard to focus on the future when you're counting your flaws
So While I sit here in the sun and wait for skies to turn blue
I hope something in this song will stir up something in you
And you'll get a little crazy
Maybe, just maybe,
A bit of company wil save me
It's amazing how so long ago can bleed into now
If I could go back then I'd change some things
but I just don't see how
And though flames may die and pain subside and life carry on

Jackie I need help with this part

Sometimes it scares me
What comes of all the buried
Old pain we carry
I guess there'll always be a part of me that's broken but real
A place deep inside of my heart that I can't quite hide and won't heal
So if you see me and I seem a few bricks shy of a road
Try to remember I just might be paying more than I owe
And let me get a little crazy
Maybe, just maybe
Your grace is gonna save me

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