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Being passionate about anything takes time and committment. I am passionate about song lyrics, especially love songs at a difficult time, when love is fragile and finding true partnership is fraught with problems. Yet only through trust can anyone get past these difficulties. I trust I will see my husband again (he passed away 10 years ago), so I write for and about him and the love we have shared so passionately. Currently, I teach at Arizona State University, directing the Writing Across the Curriulum project there.


Think of Me

Written By: Sandra Nagy

Think of me when you're off to the war.
I'm thinking and dreaming of you.
In that dry desert heat, please remember
The things that we're planning to do.
Think of me; think of me, oh my darling!
Go to sleep with my love in your heart.
Think of me; think of me and believe me
Mere distance can't keep us apart.
Forget me when striving each morning
To bring peace to the land where you fight.
Keep your mind on the dangers around you,
But think of me all through the night.
Think of me when you're dreaming each evening.
I'm thinking and dreaming of you.
In that land far away, please remember
That in dreams, we're together we two!

I Never Need You

Written By: Sandra Nagy

I never need you more than love you.
I never love you more than need.
I never hold you more than miss you.
I never miss you, no indeed!
Verse 1
With you in my arms, I'm happy.
With happiness comes my despair.
The moment I hold you, I lose you,
And need threatens to end our affair.
Verse 2
You tell me you love me completely
Yet in moments, you want to depart.
I need you so bady, my Darling.
When you leave, you are taking my heart.
Verse 3
You tell me that I am possessive.
That my love is making you grieve.
I try, please believe me my Darling,
But I worry one day you may leave.
Verse 4
I love you each moment I see you.
I need you each time we're apart.
Yet I trust and I love you, my Darling,
For you have the keys to my heart.