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Sandro Norton

Porto, Porto, Portugal | MAJOR

Porto, Porto, Portugal | MAJOR
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"SANDRO NORTON abriu a última noite do MATOSINHOS EM JAZZ 2009"

SANDRO NORTON abriu a última noite do MATOSINHOS EM JAZZ 2009 - A Imagem do Som


Flying High... At the heart of it



Sandro Norton was born in Porto on December 9, 1978. He showed his musical skills at a young age and developed a special interest in guitar. He started his studies with guitarist Carlos Mendes, and attended Oscar Silva Music School in Matosinhos (Oporto, Portugal).

In September 2000 he headed to London where he attended the London College of Music, Thames Valley University. In 2003, Sandro completed a degree in "Popular Music Performance" and in 2004 concluded, with merit, the Master in "Composition / Music Performance".

During his academic career he studied, among others, Mike Outram, Shaun Baxter, Ian Scott (Beach Boys), Phillip Mead (George Crumb), Dave Cliff (Lee Konitz), Eddie Harvey (Ella Fitzgerald).

As a "session musician" in the UK Sandro performed in several locations including Liverpool's famous Cavern Club, Jazz Cafe in Camden Town, 100Club in Oxford Street and Borderline in Soho.

He was a member of the band Flipsiders, performing three tours in England. He also participated with Jojo Watz at Ashton Court Festival in Bristol, where he performed for 50,000 people. Sandro performed some jazz concerts in Norway, Sweden, Spain and the Netherlands. He has also worked in the National Orchestra of London (NYJO).

Sandro's musical partnerships include Pip Williams (Dido), Mike Outram, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Vasilis Xenopoulos, Gwin Mathias (James Brown).

As a studio musician in London, he played with Pip Williams, Bias, Dyce, Jocelyn Brown and Kahiali Haifa.

He returned to Portugal in October 2007 and then got created or got involved with several jazz projects.

He formed Sandro Norton Trio, Jazz Quartet Confusion, Sandro Norton Quartet, Octet Sandro Norton, Café de Paris and Flor-de-Lis. In these projects he gathered an enviable array of musicians such as Jeffrey Davis, Luis Trigo, Hugo Raro, Andre Sarbib, John Salcedo, Filipe Raposo, Carlos Barreto, Bruno Cardoso, Filipe Teixeira, Yuri Daniel, Carl Minnemann, Nuno Campos, Miguel Angelo, Luisa Trigo Carlos Miguel, Antonio Pinto Torres, João Cunha, Leandro Leonet, Hugo Danin, João Marrucho, Joaquim Alves, Andre Oliveira, among others. He works with singers of national and international reputation such as Claudia Fier, Maria José Leal and Daniela Maia. He has also worked with drummer, percussionist and singer Catalan Jaume Pradas, either in concert or in the studio.

Sandro participated in 2008 in Douro Jazz Festival with his solo project - percussive guitar playing. It also participates with his quartet, the Paços de Ferreira Jazz Festival.

Also in 2008, Sandro Norton focused on a personal project that was an artistic ambition, inviting seven musicians and a voice to form an ensemble that encompasses every sound of his compositions. A unique project featuring Sandro Norton (Guitars), Luis Trigo (Violin and Harmonica), Carl Minnemann (Bass), João Salcedo (Piano and Keyboards), Bruno Cardoso (Cello), Antonio Pinto Torres (Drums), Andre Alves and Joaquim Oliveira (Percussion) and Jaume Pradas (Voices). This project opened for Randy Brecker at the 2008 Matosinhos Jazz Festival. As part of this show, whether solo or with other instruments, Sandro Norton played percussive guitar - a technique not widely known in Portugal and one which Sandro developed in London. This technique is characterised by the use of percussive effects that Sandro creates playing with both hands on various parts of the guitar body. This technique, when performed live in Portugal, has always created a shocked reaction from the audiences.

In April 2009 Sandro Norton took the opportunity to immortalise his compositions. After a few informal meetings with Jorge Fernando, Sandro asked Jorge to produce his first album. Jorge Fernando, known musician, composer and producer of Fado, accepted. Filipe Raposo participated in this recording on piano and accordion, Luis Trigo on harmonica and violin, Bruno Cardoso on cello, Luisa Trigo on flute, Filipe Teixeira, Carl Minnemann and Yuri Daniel on bass and electric bass, and Carlos Miguel Leandro Leonet on drums, Joaquim Oliveira Alves and Andre Oliveira on percussion, Cláudia Fier and Jaume Pradas and Sandro Norton on guitars. Sandro Norton shares with Jorge Fernando the direction and production of the album being in charge of mastering, Mario Barreiros.
Since 2007 this young musician, composer and music director has not stopped. He has participated in several jazz concerts and festivals both in Portugal and abroad.

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