Denver, Colorado, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

"Gentleman" Jim Reeves' sadness looped by Brian Eno, Eddy Arnold's croons through Stars of the Lid's ASR-10 and Kevin Shields' chugging on a Telecaster for the unification of one bootgazer bathed in dust and noise and boot heels sampled by a lone VSS under a starlit sky one night in late October.


First and foremost (as The Bootgazer Manifesto states): All actions must produce the tendency to ponder one’s boots thoughtfully.
The actions Sandusky attempts to provide, like tumbleweeds, should cause one to bend their ear towards the dust to hear the sadness of Jim Reeves mixed with the drifting, meandering thoughts of Stars of the Lid in order to cause both heartache and love, something unattainable, but within grasp.
Sandusky is heavily influenced by the St. Lawerence River and the Northern French town Lille and of course the Wild West of Denver. Also books: Per Petterson, Cormac McCarthy, Henning Mankell, Yukio Mishima and (dare I say) Jack Kerouac all influenced Sandusky, and continue to influence Sandusky at one point or another.
Love and loss inspired Sandusky too.


No Good Horse Thieves

Written By: Corey Ryan

With her pointed finger she pulled my eyes way past the sunrise told me tales of no good horse thieves and cowboys who rode off into moonlight and not soundstage sunsets yeah, it might’ve been me. But for now bury me in a mountain plot please void of flowers but full of leaves at least one leaf to cover the shaking knees of those no good horse thieves who might’ve been me running away from you instead of to you I saddled up and giddy-uped clouds met the stirring dust of no good horse thieves

Artsy Wolves

Written By: Corey Ryan

Unlock all your doors for the wolves are out tonight but two days of fresh snow has fallen and each flap of the snow angel’s wings have been covered with paw prints that echoed in the light beyond your window pane so I would lock all my doors and whisper towards the winter’s moon let the wolves out tonight.


"Blankets On the Green, Green Lawn" was released some time ago digitally on RopeSwingCities.
"The Settled Dust That Rose" was released digitally and in limited (around 130) hand-drawn cd-r formats (branded jewel cases & branded leather cases).
"Music For The Horse Stealing Season," a four song instrumental ep is was also released digitally.

*Download "The Settled Dust That Rose" and "Music For The Horse Stealing Season" for free at

Set List

We play our own songs; about 6 or 7 of them.