Sandyman Flynn

Sandyman Flynn


Drawing from the ancient Appalachian Mountains of his homeland, Sandyman Flynn's music resonates with his Celtic origins along with healthy infusions of blues, gospel and soul.


Sandyman Flynn's first release: Cabin Cuts - Food for the Soul. This record has been lovingly compiled from songs that are hours old along with others that are thirty years old. Some were conceived as tone poems in the loft of the cabin, others written on a park bench in Madrid, Spain.

The work started as an archive, and as the days progressed in the sleepy backwoods of North Georgia, the mountains began to once again influence Sandyman's waking and sleeping dreams. These dreams were translated into the songs collected here.

"I'm trying to capture that moment when the setting sun strikes golden on the natural pine of the cabin floor and walls, and the crow's call synchronizes with the cry of the eagle across the valley..." Food for the Soul.


Dinasour Parade

Written By: Sandy Flynn

Dead stop on the highway
Taillights for miles and miles
Tracker-trailers nose to tail
Like some strange parade, single file

It's the Dinasour Parade
Yippee I-oh ki-yeh
Suckin' up that fossil fuel
Why thousands of us silly fools
Trillion dollar profit mules
For the Dinasour Parade

Feeding the need
Thousands of American soldiers lives
Extended stay for the National Guard the rule
Good lives traded for grade A crude
Oh I'm tellin' you it's crude


So what's it worth the price we pay
Beasts of burden day to day
Who are these greedies who stay hidden away?
While the poor stay poor and the rich they play


Food For the Soul

Written By: Sandyman Flynn

Need food for the soul, need food for the soul

Got nowhere to go, need food for the soul

Got plenty to eat, don't need any sleep

Need food for the soul

Need peace of mind, I need my peace of mind

Got space, I got time

But I need peace of mind

Got axes to grind, and I'm falling way behind

I need peace of mind

It's way before dawn, and I get out of bed

Start walkin' the floor, start scratchin' my head

Your lovin' was cold, and I'm so alone

This life I'm livin' is spinnin' out of control, out of control

Need peace of mind...

Need food for the soul...

What A Difference A Day Can Make

Written By: Sandyman Flynn

Oh what a difference a day can make

Find your heart and then have it break

Lovin' you was a sweet mistake

Oh what a difference a day can make

The sun is shinin' through the pouring rain

I don't know who's to bless or who's to blame

Just yesterday we were one in the same

Now you're leavin', and I feel the pain

Oh what a difference a day can make...

Well the sun keeps shinin', and the rain keeps pourin'

The birds are singin', and the old man is snorin'

Well I bumped my head on those words you said

Now I can't find a reason to get out of bed

Autumn leaves are fallin' to the ground

You brought me colors now they're turnin' brown

I'm jumpin' up, and then I'm fallin' down

How can I survive, with you not around

Oh What a difference a day can make...


Previously with the band 'Cullowhee', also in Nashville as staff writer at Tree Publishing, now a part of Sony Music:

'Feelin' Only Felt in the Smokies' - 1st album
'Cullowhee Live' - 2nd album

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American roots music: Scots-Irish Celtic with infusions of blues, gospel and soul