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Sandy Pearlman & Bones

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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This eclectic duo that go by the names SANDY PEARLMAN (Harry) and BONES (Jake) are taking over the Toronto music scene. If hip hop, electro, and indie had a baby and it grew up to be thug it would be their music. No lies. Bones is responsible for being a lyrical genius while Sandy Pearlman drops the bass. This week these two released their first album and music video after working on this bad boy for about a year. You can download their album on BANDCAMP, galavant through their website STAGOUT, and like them on FACEBOOK


AnnaMaria: Describe the moment you two met? I'm assuming it was magical..
Sandy Pearlman: The first time we met was at a dodgeball game I was running. My friend had just finished painting and putting the wheels on a longboard I made her and jake and his friends show up and one of them is riding the longboard around the room and it snapped in two. I think that's when we first met.

Bones: Yeah, my buddy Lucas broke our friend Phoebe's longboard that Sandy and her made and I think thats the first time we met in person. Thank god I didnt break the board or maybe our music wouldn't have come to fruition! Then we chatted and on our first hangout we recorded City Life for the Pearls & Bones EP.
AM: See magical! It all happened with a broken longboard, so touching.

AM: What was your favourite guilty pleasure band growing up?

B: I listened to a lot of boy bands when I was REALLY young. That shit was weird. Like Backstreet Boys and O.Town, me and my dad would blare that corny stuff. Then I learned about hip hop and got really into hardcore bands like A Day To Remember and Enter Shikari, and most kids thought that stuff was scary in elementary so it was like my guilty pleasure that I learned to fully embrace after I got older.

SP: I listened to the backstreet boys too, I have two sisters so there was a lot of choreographing dances to bsb, n'sync and lou bega, but when I got a bit older I was into Nickleback. That's my guilty pleasure I guess because everyone would rip on them but I'd still go home and listen to "How You Remind Me" on repeat. That and basically everything they were playing on Much Music.

AM: Backstreet Boys and N'Sync have a special place in my heart, therefore I appreciate your fantastic childhoods.

AM: It's the zombie apocalypse.. Choose your weapon

SP: In a zombie apocalypse my first instinct would be a bow, but I don't think I'm a good enough archer to get a kill shot every time and I'd be worried about running out of arrows.

B: Unless you were Legolas from Lord of the Rings because apparently Orlando Bloom has an endless arrow pouch.

SP: I'd probably have to go with some kind of big sword. Like a claymore or something.

B: My weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse would be a cleaver, nice and classic. I'd never let it get more than one blood splatter so it always looked super classy. I guess it depends if these zombies are walkers or sprinters, because if I'm battling sprinters give me an AK or that Chem Gun from Elysium. That thing was tight.

AM: I would totally pull a Legolas as well.. only if I get the endless arrow pouch though. I feel like it should come as deal once you choose that option

AM: You can't leave the house without your ......

SP: I never leave my house without a fitted. Except some days, those days suck. The only thing I actually never leave my house without are pants.

B: I never leave the house without my laptop and a sketchpad, since me and harry are independent we're constantly chatting about new merch, banners, art, etc that we need to put out to keep things interesting. Also being a design student I constantly need those two items on me for projects and sanity.

AM: And finally what is your favourite dish done by no one other than your mother

B: Probably homemade chipotle turkey burgers, theyve got avocado and onion and theyre so flavorful you only really need mayo for the bun. I could live off those... or morracan shrimp.

SP: That's a tough question, my mom makes so much good food. I'll go with sheppards pie. I've never had s good sheppards pie that wasn't my mom's. And my mom's sheppards pie is amazing.

If one was wondering who is who, BONES (Jake) is the fellow above with the giant foot and SANDY PEARLMAN (Harry) is the one rocking the dreads. -

"Front Cover & Main Feature- Artichoke Magazine"

Introductory Page

Music is a huge part of the Winters College scene, and after many trips to the Absinthe Pub on acoustic night, and successful coffee houses and band nights during recent frosh and frost weeks, it has become apparent that the college has a huge supply of homegrown musical talent. Many artists are jumpstarting their musical careers while making their way through undergraduate studies, and this journey makes for very interesting evolution of sound, instrumental techniques, and musical vision for all musicians within the college.

This issue's feature showcases two of these musical outfits whose members are fine arts students here at York. Each group is incredibly distinctive in their genre and style: one is a hip-hop duo constantly evolving to create a unique sound in an increasingly challenging genre, and the other is a 12-piece orchestral phenomenon engineering sound that was previously missing from the music industry.

Sandy Pearlman and Bones

In a few years I’ll be able to say I was the first journalist to ever interview Sandy Pearlman and Bones, and what’s more exciting is that this claim will mean something big in the world of pop culture… or so I’m assured by Harry Warshaw, one half of this novice hip-hop duo, as we scale the staircases of the TEL building in search of the group’s other half, Jake Oliveira. It’s an unconventional interview scenario: three people huddled around a narrow table in one of the design labs on the fourth floor speaking into an iPhone, but for the two of them, ‘full-time student balancing part-time job balancing substantial career in hip-hop’ is an unconventional lifestyle.

Harry’s optimism in asserting that Sandy Pearlman and Bones will be a pop culture phenomenon in a few short years could come off as overly optimistic, until the progress they’ve made in less than a year is considered. The two artists began working together in early March, and while juggling long summer months in separate provinces, as well as the pressures of being undergrads, they managed to add a solid EP, 3 shows, and a music video to their repertoire (all while working on their next project).

Pearls and Bones got their musical start separately, and with very different musical influences before both attending York University as fine arts students. The duo functions increasingly as a collaborative unit, but when Jake first contacted Harry in March of this year their first track was conceived as an impersonal assimilation of their respective parts: Harry made the instrumental and sent it to Jake, who wrote a verse and they called it ‘City Life.’

“A friend of ours told me Jake rapped, and I thought about doing something with him but then I got busy,” Harry says of how their group came together.

“I had e-mailed him to collaborate originally,” notes Jake, “I was persistent! And then you [Harry] gave me stuff, I went over one day with a verse and we recorded ‘City Life.’ Then we kind of just sat on it all for a while.”

After that initial track the two worked together more frequently, until they had their debut EP put together and ready to share. Much of the summer months were spent networking. September and the return to school marked the beginning of a new project, and new methods of creating and developing their sound.

“Doing beats before, I’d just sit in my room and just write something, pass it off to Jake who would write his verse,” says Harry, “Maybe I’d tweak something later or add a sound effect. But now with the three tracks we’ve been working on, we’ve both been through the entire process together. I can put what is in his mind onto the computer.”

“We’re blending both of our ideas really well,” adds Jake, “Same goes for the writing. Say I wrote a verse for a song, and he wrote a better verse on a different topic than me, so I’ll go back to change my verse to go with his... this new project is a lot more of a collective effort for sure.”

Future plans see the two guys working on building their music inventory, so that they have more material to draw from for shows. They are working at booking venues and performing with other artists before the school year is out.

You can check out Sandy Pearlman and Bones’ music video debut on youTube by searching “Stag’d Out,” and stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for their upcoming full length LP. - Winters Free Press

"Sandy Pearlman & Bones – Stag’d Out [Video]"

Toronto, ON – This is the first visual for Toronto hip-hop duo Sandy Pearlman & Bones titled “Stag’d Out” off their debut mixtape, The Pearls and Bones EP. Sandy and Bones, aka Harry and Jake, are two young Toronto natives who teamed up and formed this rap collective because of their love for music production and writing, and they both share the same unique perspective on how they want to develop the hip-hop genre. Sandy is the beat extraordinaire who produces all their songs and Bones is the guy who writes raps that focus on lyricism. Using metaphors and double entendre’s, they challenge the listener to decipher the meaning behind their songs. With their debut project on deck they are currently working on a full length mixtape. The video for “Stag’d Out” was directed by Peter Howie, check it out below and hit the jump to download their EP. - Hip Hop Canada

"Rap duo Sandy Pearlman & Bones release debut project [News]"

Toronto, ON – Harry and Jake, aka Sandy and Bones are two young Toronto natives that make up the rap duo known as Sandy Pearlman & Bones. Earlier this year they released their debut project, a mini-EP consisting of 5 original songs entitled The Pearls and Bones EP. Sandy is the beat extraordinaire who produces all their songs and Bones writes raps that focus on lyricism. After listening to their work it is clear the two bring something fresh and new to hip-hop. We just posted their “Snag’d Up” video so click here to check that out.

HipHopCanada had the opportunity to gain some insight on the group and Bones told us that “We try to write lines that use metaphors and double entendre’s that will really challenge the listener to decipher the meaning. We do this to separate our selves from the influx of commercial rap about money, girls, and drugs. Since that is not our lives we have chosen to focus on writing about what is real to us.” To support the EP they released the “Stag’d Out” visuals in September, directed by Peter Howie. You can download The Pearls and Bones EP. - Hip Hop Canada

"Submission Pick: SANDY PEARLMAN & BONES (Toronto) – Game of Thrones ///"

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Still working on that hot first release.



Sandy Pearlman & Bones are a unique hip hop due from Toronto, Canada. From their lyrical topics, beats, clothing and design style they separate themselves from traditional hip hop music and are moving towards their goal of shattering misconceptions about the genre. This drive to succeed has brought about magazine features and even an up and coming feature on HIPHOP CANADA. The group is influenced by artists of every genre ranging from hardcore/screamo, to folk, to indie, to acoustic, however their flows and lyrical content are often thought of as reminiscent of Macklemore, Madchild, and Childish Gambino to name a few.