Sandy Rapp

Sandy Rapp

 East Hampton, New York, USA

Self contained. single. Vocal & guitar, good original feminist and gay issue songs, many with easy, melodic singalong choruses, all performed at many National NOW rallies around the US.


Sandy Rapp is a songwriter, activist, and author of God's Country: A Case Against Theocracy: The Haworth Press; 1991. Her best known songs are "Remember Rose: A Song For Choice," about the first back-street abortion fatality of the 1977 Medicaid-Abortion cutoff (all editions feature a guest vocal by the late Bella Abzug) and "Everyone Was At Stonewall," a gay history, written for police sensitivity training, which won StoneWall Society's Pride Song of 2004. Rapp was instrumental in the passage of a number of gay civil rights laws on Long Island, NY. Her CDs include We The People, Flag & The Rainbow, Still Marchin' and Salute to the Veteran Feminists. Rapp's appearances include the million-plus 2004 March For Women's Lives, the National Women's Music Festival, National NOW Rallies in Seneca Falls, Manhattan, and Washington, DC, National Women's Political Caucus Conferences, Gulf Coast Womyn's Festival, Chicago's Autumnfest, New York State NOW Conferences, Montana Pride Rally, Palm Springs' Gay Veterans, Manhattan's Peoples Voice Cafe, the 2001 NOW March on DC, the Gay Millenium March, the 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2010 National NOW Conferences, the 2005 Save The Court Rally in Union Square, the Molly Yard Memorial in DC's Hart Senate Office Building, and the 2009 Stonewall Veterans' Fortieth Reunion in NYC's GLBT Center. In 2006 Rapp received two OutMusic Award nominations, and served as a Grand Marshal of the Long Island Pride Parade. Rapp won StoneWall Society's Pride in the Arts 2010 Lifetime Achievement in Music Award; and Rapp's premier of "Rise Up Ye Women" at the NYU Law School was toasted in The New Yorker - 11/13/06. In 2008 Rapp sang several of the Clinton rallies and wrote 'She Will Rise' for a Hillary Website. See Rapp's 2008 Seneca Falls, NY 160th Anniversary performance of "Walkin' Shoes" at


Remember Rose - A Song For Choice

Written By: Sandy Rapp

REMEMBER ROSE: A Song For Choice
© Sandy Rapp 1989
(The song is about the first fatality of the 1977 Medicaid-Abortion cutoff and features a guest vocal by the late Bella Abzug).

Rosie Jimenez
finally turned up dead;
So the paper said
in Texas.
Finally turned up dead,
after Medicaid
Restrictions took her
choice away.

and their politics
Made Jenny Jimenez
an orphan.
Praying in the light,
bombing in the night,
They wave their roses red
but Rose is dead.

Get your laws off me;
I'm not your property.
Don't plan my family;
I'll plan my own.
I don't want to be
In your theocracy;
Remember liberty;
Remember Rose.

Many more will go
by the way of Rose
And the ones that went before her.
Unless a course is set,
present and direct,
Because a chill wind blows and
Rose is dead.

Repeat Chorus

Everyone Was At Stonewall (update '07)

Written By: © Sandy Rapp 1992

Where were you in the June of '69?
Did you sing a song of Suzanne or Sweet Caroline?
Did you walk on the moon or were both feet on the ground?
Were you Woodstock bound?

Those were the days when the bars became our homes;
'Cause we had no church or state to call our own.
And they raided the bars and the cars were on patrol;
And they bugged our phones.

But there came a time, a summer's night,
When everyone came out to join the fight.
Out of 20 million strong, not a queer soul was at home
To hear it told.

It's widely known, not a soul was home.
Every G. & L. has a New York tale to tell,
'Cause Stonewall was everyone.

Did you hear the coins go rollin' round the Square?
Did you see the crowd with long, beautiful hair?
Did you see them throw the building in the air,
'Cause you were there?

And was it true, did a cry go through?
From the Village on up Second Avenue?
Did they hear it at Uncle Charley's and at Three,
That they were free?

Repeat Chorus

Now the Post Office which in those days screened our mail,
With a mind to putting some of us in jail,
Has cast a stamp in the image of us all
For the old Stonewall.

And though the Congress continues to queer our goose,
And the Pentagon is still out on the loose,
Connecticut, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Vernon, California, New Jersey, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Nevada and Rhode Island, Washington, New York, Maryland, Illinois, New Mexico, Iowa and Maine too
have all come through.

And it won't be long, it won't be long
'Til a President will sing the Stonewall song
And we'll be heading up the White House throng,
Where we belong

Repeat Chorus

The Rally

Written By: Sandy Rapp

THE RALLY © Sandy Rapp 1994
I went to THE RALLY, a wonderful rally;
The air of a carnival was strong.
Balloons were in hand, and buttons on stands.
The risers were rising; the banners were flying.

The stage was completed in beige metal seating
When out of the grandstand came a song.
For the band was playin' ragtime,
And we hadn't heard that for so long.

A horrible squeaking came over the speakers;
The sound of a sound-check filled the air.
The speeches began, much as they were planned,
Aimed at the reporters in strict running orders.

When over the catwalk, way up in the scaffolds,
A luminous whirling disk appeared.
Ah, but the band kept playing ragtime.
And I hadn't heard this stuff in years.

Oh, the horns were loud; and God, there was a crowd. next page

The night we hit the critical mass,
The sound it made was shattering glass.
Bells issued tones, more or less on their own,
The hype and the flurry, the sound and the fury.

The night we hit the critical mass
The longest days were over at last.
Still, with the band a-playin' ragtime,
Well somehow it all got past.

Imagine following the band; just when the New Age was at hand.

But I stayed at THE RALLY, that wondrous rally,
And at daybreak the past events came clear.
The moons and the suns, the roses and guns,
The musings of mystics, the cruising of crystals.

The day we made the critical glow,
The axis jerked a little, ya know.
Now, there's a new twist on the old spin.
And the world's gotta spin ya know.

The night we hit the critical mass,
The sound it made was shattering glass;
Bells issued tones, more or less on their own
The hype and the flurry, the sound and the fury.

That day we made the critical sum
In feedback and electrical hum.
Now when the band starts playin' ragtime,
The world's gonna dance to a different drum.

The night we hit the critical mass,
That day we made the optimal sum.
Now, when the band starts playin' ragtime,
The world's gonna dance to different drum.

Cagney's Song

Written By: Sandy Rapp

Cagney’s Song © Sandy Rapp 2003
Cagney came to town on Flanders Road.
Little gray collar, no tags, not a friend to call her own.
Truck came by and clipped her and she fell along the sand,
So it sure was grand to find a helpin' hand.

To the rescue came a friendly car.
Animal Rescue woman drove her to the welcome arms
Of Animal Rescue Fund along the Hamptons sunny sands,
And the friends she made they called her Cagney Anne.

Come Along Little Doggie,
There's a home fire burnin' bright,
With an "A" and an "R" and an "F" and a helpin' hand.
Come Along Little Doggie,
There's a new moon out tonight.
You're a better dog than I am Cagney Anne.

Cagney wore a coat of rosy gold.
There was Wheaten in her eye and there was Ireland in her soul.
She fished the bay and dug the clams along the sunny sands,
And the friends she made they called her Cagney Anne.

Repeat chorus
Now my Cagney wants to thank the Rescue Fund.
From Sony on the phone to the volunteers
And the keepers of the run.
ARF is an ace of a cat and dog place so
Send you money in.
And tell them you're a friend of Cagney Anne.

Repeat Chorus

If The Truth Be Told

Written By: Sandy Rapp

IF THE TRUTH BE TOLD (c) Sandy Rapp 1992

Oh, the Burnin' Times are long ago but close to home,
When the old Goodwives, they burned for words that were their own.
They kept the circle turnin', they passed the word along,
And in the Times of Burning sang their song.

Back when Queers were Queens and mega-volts the therapy,
Evelyn Hooker and Alfred Kinsey exhumed the truth and set it free.
And from the Times of Burnin', the love that dare not speak its name
Has risen and is in the streets proclaimed.

IF THE TRUTH BE TOLD, then it will be heard.
But there can be no tellin' if there is no word.
Let the word be known; let the light be growin',
And the dark will flee, so mote it be.

Keep the circle free and let it breath and let it be.
Make, make no law indeed, no thought-police for heresy.
Weeds among the wheat fields from time to time will grow.
Some will be the seeds of all tomorrow.

Leave A Message At The Tone

Written By: Sandy Rapp

© Sandy Rapp 2002
Leave a message at the tone;
I'll pick up if I'm near the phone;
Faxes go through on their own
If there ain't nobody home.

I'm online but I'm off hand;
I assume you understand,
That a tune conveys the plan
As well as verbiage can.

Swing your modem, do-ce-do,
Dancin' with the phone.
Alleman right with a megabyte
Into the Ethernet we go, so

Leave a message at the tone;
I'll pick up if I'm near the phone.
Then again I may pretend
There ain't nobody home.

Rise Up Ye Women

Written By: Sandy Rapp

Rise Up Ye Women © Sandy Rapp 2006

It was a time of dark and sad song,
Seven years with Bella been and gone.
Among the leaders from the days of long ago,
The troubled time had taken out its toll.

And there was one, from Illinois. It’s told how
Betty broke a new and grueling ground.
She went marchin' in Manhattan up Fifth Avenue ya know.
And she wrote a book that turned the world around.

Rise up ye women or the vintage it will fail,
Cried old Prophet Isaiah so they say.
And they rose up, the mighty women of a new and movin’ age;
And they grew to be the prophets of their day.

And there was one, from old Montgomery,
She rode a bus to freedom it is told,
She went marchin' by with Martin out of Selma long ago,
And into history our Rosa rode.

And there were two, from Pennsylvania,
Where liberty is rung from every bell.
Molly Yard went marchin' to the rally in the sky
And C. Delores Tucker left as well,

Repeat Chorus

And let us sing, Coretta Scott King
For out from Alabama did she go.
And there was Bella’s scribe Mim Kelber;
there was Wendy Wasserstein,
And we lost ‘em all within a year ya know. Repeat Chorus

Country of the Lamb

Written By: Sandy Rapp & Naomi Lazard

Country of the Lamb
© Sandy Rapp & Naomi Lazard 2008
Words by Naomi Lazard & Music by Sandy Rapp

I heard a song about the lamb.
And how the Lord rode in the saddle
To watch the herd along the trail,
And hear the apples singing in the grass.
I heard a song about the lamb.

Is this the Country of the Lamb?
Is this my generous America?
Is this the land of tender brothers
Who had the dream and built it
One for all and all for one?
Is this the Country of the Lamb?

Bring me my hat,
My fiery hat of indignation;
And bring my coat the color of
Resolve without surcease.

I cannot rest ‘til I have found my lost America,
Land of equality, justice and peace.

I cannot rest ‘til I have found my lost America,
Is this the Country of the Lamb, America?

Walkin' Shoes

Written By: Sandy Rapp

Walkin' Shoes © Sandy Rapp 2008
Got new shoes; I got Walkin' Shoes
Ya know I can't lose in Walkin Shoes.
No more heels; I got tired of these;
And I'm walkin' to equality.

Eighteen cents ago I tippy toed
Around the town and down the rocky road.
My fifty-nine-cent dollar put me
Backwards in high heels,
Up on stilts and foot-bound was the deal.

Now my seventy-seven-cent dollar's out to smash
The ceilings and the slippers made of glass.
I'm running fairly fast; I'm steppin' up at last;
I'm steppin' up in sensible shoes ya see.

repeat chorus

Way back when stridency was my flaw,
I spoke so loud they couldn't hear the roar.
Do my young sisters know of times not long ago
When family planning was against the law?

I wonder now will those times come again.
Let's run for president, if not now when?
Let's run for Mother Earth; let's run for all we're worth.
Let's walk the walk and keep on walkin' tall.

repeat chorus

Signs of the Times

Written By: Sandy Rapp

© Sandy Rapp 1994

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.
Watch your step and curb your pet; remember you are here.
Parking on level two, affords a sunny view
Which may recede as you descend from green to blue.

As on the hills of life you climb,
You may find you're behind SIGNS OF THE TIMES.

Haz-Mats must forgo paths clear to other loads
In that they might explode and obfuscate the roads.
And obfuscate the roads.

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.
Yield right-of-way and have a lovely day.
As you clear remember you are here.

Roilin' Waters

Written By: Sandy Rapp

ROILIN’ WATERS © Sandy Rapp 1998
Out along the Irish Sea, glistenin’ in the sun,
Belly-up the fishes be; they’re on their final run.
Isotopes and fallout flow amongst the turnin’ tides
And in the Roilin’ Waters of the times.
Strontium in baby teeth and women, world around
Struck a blow in sixty-three, against the mushroom cloud.
Women's Strike For Peace made sure above-ground tests were banned
But how many more Chernobyls are at hand?
And its row, row, your boat away; waken from the dream.
Turn away and set your sail, 'gainst the rugged stream.
Look to the baby teeth, and read ‘em like a sign
Upon the Roilin’ Waters of the times.

Mama buy your babies’ teeth, a penny or a pound.
Tell ‘em its the fairies’ fee for children world around.
Save ‘em not for fantasy but send ‘em for to find
About the Roilin’ Waters of the times.
Repeat Chorus
Hear how the piper plays and the poundin’ o’ the drum.
Shanty aires and sailor prayers are back to haunt us now.
Hear how the piper wails the turnin’ of the tides
Into the Roilin’ Waters of the times.

Ill, the Winds

Written By: Sandy Rapp

ILL, THE WINDS © Sandy Rapp 1996 & 2000
None can say how long it takes, but sure it’s in the wind.
Immunity is down and it depends on where you’ve been.
The stacks of the reactors and the Frankenfields are near.
And a troubled rain is fallin’ in the farmlands year to year.

Only fifty years ago, on east and western shore.
Those who’re one in nine today were one in twenty-four.
The farms are fried in pesticides,
and 'neath a brave new sun;
Another greenwood's been and gone
afore the day is done.

On the fine long summer days,
Ill, The Winds are blowin’
Gone the fishes all away;
brown tide’s in the bay.
Gone the sons to guns and AIDS;
one in nine the daughters.
The corn is high; the plant’s on line;
It’s a hell of a way to boil water.

Half a million species gone; Ill The Winds that got ‘em.
Now the list is three miles long, a millstone round the world.
The timber falls, the fire calls
the hunter's gun has shot 'em.
And there’s no haven in the brook
from shore to steaming shore.

Repeat Chorus

Ghosts of summers, come and gone,
grow the grasses green.
But the green fee's paid anon,
in fallen field and stream.
Now the war is rollin' and
Chernobyl’s on the breeze,
And it’s past the time to keep the fire
in other hearths than these.


CDs: We The People 1995
Flag & The Rainbow 2003
Still Marchin' 2005
Salute to the Veteran Feminists 2006

Set List

FLAG & THE RAINBOW - for those fallen to anti-gays
LEGISLATOR POSTAL – about a friend to gays
WHEN BELLA SINGS MARLENE - true story of Abzug
BALLAD OF SISTER SPIRIT - Mississippi's SisterCamp
IF THE TRUTH BE TOLD - Tribute to the First Amendment
BILLY BAIRD - Tribute to the Abortion Right Pioneer
REMEMBER ROSE - first backstreet fatality of '77 Medicaid-Abortion funding cutoff
MANHATTAN COWGIRL - very OUT Eleanor Roosevelt biographer's
WHITE MEN IN BLACK DRESSES - for the Hierarchy
STONEWALL - award winning gay history song
GET A VOICE - a rainbow singalong
CAGNEY'S SONG - Aminal Rescue Fund Song
PRIDE IS ALIVE IN YELLOWSTONE - A Rally in Billings Montana
AIN'T NOBODY HOME song with no redeeming social value
HATS OFF TO BELLA - Bella Tribute Song
THE RALLY - About the effect of Marches
SIGNS OF THE TIMES - seek not meaning in this song
WHERE WERE THE FLOWERS - theocracy is fatal to a young woman
THE MARCH - Marchin' With Molly Yard