Sandy Ross

Sandy Ross

 Van Nuys, California, USA

Sandy Ross has been entertaining audiences with her own special blend of contemporary folk and acoustic blues for more than four decades. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, she spent the ‘70s in Los Angeles, working as a staff songwriter for Warner/Chappell Music and producing demos on a single-song basis for nine other major song publishers including: Filmways Music, MCA Music, and Screen Gems/EMI. During that decade she had songs recorded by Kim Carnes and Anne Murray at a time when they were a

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You'll Never Run from the Blues

Written By: Sandy Ross

You may be sky divin'
low ridin'
motor boat speed drivin'
a ton of trouble lookin' for fun
Maybe a high rollin'
free flowin'
three hundred pin bowlin'
straight shootin' son of a gun
But if you're sneakin' up the stairs
just to settle your affairs
the devil's gonna earn his dues
And no matter where you go
no matter where you come from
you'll never run from the blues

She may be high class
in tight pants
with slick thighs and slight ass
a sight like which you never have seen
It may take time
to make time
but in time you may find
you've stumbled into some kind of dream
But when you're tryin' to decide
if you're to run and you're to hide
or have your cake and eat it too
Remember, no matter where you go
no matter where you run, son
you'll never run from the blues (repeat)

True love can be such a wonderful thing
especially if it's shared by just two
Before you slip off your weddin' ring
take this advice that I'm givin' you

You may be high flighin'
rodeo bull ridin'
and nothin' much gets into your way
You might be hot stuff
with fast bucks
and quick talk with great luck
the hottest thing they've seen in L.A.
But if you're scared of goin' home
'cause you haven't been alone
and you don't know what you're gonna do
No matter what you do or say
won't make no difference anyway
you'll never run from the blues (repeat)

w & m by Sandy Ross, copyright 1995,
Azure-Rose Music, BMI

Don't Call Me Late for Dinner

Written By: Sandy Ross

As far as I can tell
when I was only three
I was a hoppin' and a boppin'
upon my Daddy's knee
Listenin' to each word
that my Daddy say
Tryin' to understand the wisdom
mornin', noon, and night each day
he'd say

Don't call, Don't Call Me Late for Dinner
Don't call, don't call,
Don't Call Me Late for Dinner
Call me anything you want
but if you call me late for dinner
it's better not to call me at all

My baby come on home late
last Saturday night
Was two sheets to the wind
so we got into a fight
Fussin' and cussin'
until we both got sore
Say, "I don't care where you been,
but babe
before you slam that door


Don't feed me lies
'bout no pie in the sky
Don't temp me with no piece
of chocolate cake
Just pass the peas
and the mash potatoes please
and step aside an'
watch me fill my plate, and