Orlando, Florida, USA


Saneal Fields is a powerful Psalmist/Singer/Songwriter. He is taking the world by storm with his unique and nonconforming style. Every song released from his belly is designed and destined to touch the minds of those that love to meet their dreams in the most likely places "RIGHT HERE AND IN THE RIGHT NOW." With his newly released single, "My life" and "My Prayer" Saneal shows that he is a truly GIFTED and ANOINTED artist. So get ready.

The album, "Going the Distance"

Born in Riley, NC into a military home, Saneal discovered at the age of 5 years old that he had a passion to sing, and the ability to usher in the crowds from many places. From singing on the playground, to singing out of his bedroom window he captured the hearts of many. Setting himself apart, from the inside out.


Rreleased single, "My life" and "My Prayer"

Set List

ready for war 4:09