San Froyd

San Froyd


Imagine the love child of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Led Zeppelin, then jimi Hendrix cracked one into the mix for good measure, all tied together with a nice cuddly hug.


We formed in early 2006 as a couple of students having a jam and just enjoying music. After playing together for a couple of weeks we decided to enter a battle of the bands competition. After wining heat after heat we realised that we were getting better and better. Halfwat through the competition, unfortunately the bass player broke his hand. We still played (with the bass player writhing in pain) and ended up wining the competition. From there on in we started playing gig after gig, spreading the love all over the northwest. The highlight so far would be playing at Leeds Festival 2006, however there are other gig which we will never forget. Manchester Academy and The Cavern were definately gigs not to be missed.


Debut single out "Lady The ..."
Debut E.P "Blue Jam"