Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Metal's best kept secret!!


Sang-Freud has been emerging onto the mainstream metal scene of Toronto for the past three years. Having originated in the small town of Fergus, Ontario, where they were an underground metal phenomenon for ten years, the metal band relocated to Toronto in the year 2006. They have performed regularly in the Toronto and surrounding areas, including appearances at the Molten Metal Mayhem Festival in '06,'07 and '09, along side such bands as Threat Signal, Ash Lee Blade, Pitch Union, and Omega A.D.

With a degree in philosophy and music from the University of Waterloo, founding member, Jonathan Lisinski (Guitarist, Vocalist, Song-writer) adds a dimension not found in an average metal band. His knowledge of music theory and the history of music, brings a level of respect to the concept of music lacking in much of today's nu-metal/grindcore. Sang-Freud have been in the studio numerous times and have recorded independently the full length CD's 'Raw and Vicious' ('01) 'More' ('07)' and the EP's, 'Greed' ('05) and 2009's 'War'.

The stage is set for Sang-Freud's continued emergence onto the broader metal scene. With a respect for their metal predecessor's Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Megadeth, Sang-Freud brings a classic metal element to their music that is generally lacking today. They look to help restore a metal scene that has been said to be 'coming back' for many years, but somehow has yet to arrive!


Party Tonight

Written By: Lisinski

Verse 1
Tell me isn't this great
I think it must be fate
I think that it is time
That we celebrate
Soon we'll be getting high
And if you wonder why
To reach the stars first you
Have to learn to fly

That's right
Party Tonight
It's alright

Verse 2
We've finally left the ground
We've turned it all around
We're heading west for a few
Nights on the town
When we get there we'll be
So high and feeling free
Not gonna live their way
Cause they just don't see... No!

Solo 2

It's alright
Gonna party tonight
Yeah, that's right!


Selected Discography

Raw and Vicious - '01

Greed E.P. - '05

More - '07

War - '09

Vicious - '10

Set List


War Cries
No Cause, No Reason (Vicious)
Gliving Blood to a stone

Iron Man, Paranoid, Symptom of the Universe - Black Sabbath
The Trooper - Iron Maiden
Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth
Creeping Death, For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
Highway Star, Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
Tom Sawyer - Rush