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Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Exeter, England, United Kingdom
Band Metal Rock




"Interview: Sanguine (2011)"

Hannah talks to Sanguine during Bloodstock Festival, 2011
Hannah- Hi guys! So we saw you performing on the New Blood stage earlier. You’ve got a very unique sound; I know unique gets bandied about a lot! I was thinking earlier, normally when you get a female fronted band, they either have the Nightwish style operatic vocals or the Angela Gossow manly vocals. Whereas Tarin has a very femine, harpy sort of sound.?Tarin- Banshee! That’s what I’ve been compared to!?Hannah- So, given that you have this very feminine front to you, how would you describe your sound??Tarin- I don’t put on a voice, I just sing with my natural voice. The screaming is just something that I found that I could do, and it’s a very high pitched scream. I just love that. It’s two elements of the voice coming together; where you have a really singular note and then a rattle behind it.?Hannah- Yeah, it really adds to the emotion of your songs. Some of them have a really groovy bit, and when I was watching your set, I was reminded in places of Tool and similar bands.?Tarin- You noticed that? That’s insane, because we’re big Tool fans, but we also love lots of other genres, and lots of different bands within the metal scene. We started off as a prog rock band! And then we got heavier, and heavier, and heavier; the second guitarist left because we got too heavy! Then we ended up with the sound we’ve got now.?Hannah- Ah, so obviously Tool and proggy stuff are some of your main influences; who else would you say are big influences on you as a band, and as artists??Tarin- We’re big grunge fans, so everything from Nirvana…?Nick- Soundgarden!?Tarin- Yeah, Soundgarden, everything like that. And then we’re metal fans, stuff like Metallica.?Nick- I’d say Faith No More is a really big influence for me.?Tarin- Oh, yeah in terms of vocals, he’s my hero. I want to be able to do everything he can do.?Hannah- I liked your range. I know you didn’t have a very long set, but the range of all your songs and stuff, and you’ve got your single and your album coming up… Do you like to ensure you have that? Without trying to haphazardly put it all together, yours seems to flow really well. Do you try to put the many faces of Sanguine on record??Nick- I think the joy with Tarin is you can always recognise her voice. It gives us a lot of license to play around with different genres. Our default setting is heavy; but that’s more to do with us just happening to be heavy.?Tarin- We didn’t set out and say ‘Let’s go and be a metal band!’ We just set out and said ‘let’s create some sound’; it all happened very naturally.?Hannah- You can tell that, definitely.?Tarin- Thank you!?Hannah- So, is Bloodstock the biggest thing you’ve done??Tarin- In terms of festivals, yeah. Professionally, the biggest thing I’ve done is work with Adrian Smith, which was a big honour. But in terms of gigs? Yeah.?Nick- We’ve also played with some pretty big bands, like Pitchshifter and Skindred, Evile; all sorts of bands. That’s been really good fun, ‘cos you get to perform, and then watch them afterwards!?Hannah- I guess the good thing about playing with such diverse bands like that, and with festivals like this, is that you get exposure to alot of people that might not look at you and want to pick up a CD.?Tarin- We appeal to all ages and all backgrounds. Our influences are quite eclectic, and with Faith No More being such a big influence… That’s eclectic in itself, with what they did with that project. I think we just want to make songs. We want to continue a theme of ‘let’s write a driving song’ and producing a song that you want to play when you’re driving your car.?Hannah- I think that’s a good theme and a good formula to have. Thanks for your time, good luck with the single and the album!
Sanguine’s single, For Love, is released on October 3rd. Their as yet untitled album is due for release in January 2012.
- Valkyrian Music


From the Pit / LIVE
This won't be the last time you read about Sanguine. It's been a whirlwind of a year so far for the Exeter quartet, and tonight's gig is something of a warm-up for their big Bloodstock debut in August. The sound of sirens wailing and tribal drumming immediately grabs the audience by the scruff of their black t-shirts as proceedings are mercilessly dropkicked into life - think the intensity of My Ruin, but without the Southern-style crunch. Dark metal, screaming and schizophrenic sounds are given a very British edge, while sultry frontwoman Tarin Kerrey's bitter-sweet delivery adds a fresh dimension to their music as she alternates between blood-curdling howls and clean yet powerful vocals. However, the recent single Tonight is a definite wildcard in the set with its gothic metal overtones that seem quite at odds with the rest of their tunes.
This is all a new and exciting game for Sanguine, and they're playing it well. And although their inexperience does occasionally poke through, their brutal fuck-you delivery leaves the crowd exhausted but screaming for more. By the end of their short but powerful set they've turned a trendy little London music venue into a sweaty, writhing moshpit, and that really is quite an achievement.
Live review by Natasha Scharf - Metal Hammer


EP - 'Live, Consume, Drive'
Single - For Love (b-side: Anger Song)
Single - Given Up (b-side: tbc)
LP - Sanguine



Sanguine are a four piece female fronted alt-metal rock band hailing from the gritty streets of the UK. Formed by singer Tarin Kerrey whilst studying at Exeter University, this fiercely independent DIY act put together what would later be described by the press as the most 'explosive', 'intimidating' and 'brutal' live act in the Southwest.
Coming from a mixture of diverse musical backgrounds Sanguine intended to create songs that range from hard-metal, punk-edged tunes to epic gothic rock-ballads. This eclectic sound is what separates Sanguine from other bands and has become their signature hallmark.
"Sanguine are on a mission to break down the walls that divide the genre's and show the world that you can be anything you want to be - as long as it has fire, passion and kicks ass!" Tarin Kerrey.
The reputation of Sanguine's explosive live shows spread fast throughout the southwest region and realising that they were on to something special, they immediately set about recording their first set of demo's in the loft of Tarin's house.
From these sessions came the release of their debut single and video "Live Consume Drive". The video was quickly snapped up and play-listed by some of the UK's top music TV channels such as: Scuzz, Kerrang and Metal Choons.
The Fly magazine dubbed the video as the "best video they had seen from an unsigned band" and it also gained radio play from stations such as XFM, Total Rock and even Music Choice.
With a total budget of £600 (song and video) 'Live, Consume, Drive' is DIY at it's best!!
The music is original, the songs are rememberable and on stage the attitude is intimidating. Sanguine are set to carve a new sound for female-fronted alt-metal acts world-wide.
Sanguine have already attracted the attentions of Metal Legends such as Joey Jordison (Slipknot) "You have some sweet tracks up there!" (Joey's comment on Sanguine's Myspace page) and Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) who recently asked to Tarin to guest vocal on his side-project starring vocalist Mikee Goodman (Sixth). Along with approval from magazines such as Rocksound (8/10 Demo Review & 9/10 Live Review) and Metal Hammer (7/10):
I"Dark metal, screaming and schizophrenic sounds are given a very British edge, whilst sultry frontwoman Tarin Kerrey's bitter-sweet delivery adds a fresh dimension to their music as she alternates between blood-curdling howls and clean yet powerful vocals...their brutal fuck-you delivery leaves the crowd exhausted but screaming for more." (Metal Hammer magazine).
With the next EP and video due to be released in 2011 and appearances planned for Bloodstock Festival and London's famous 'Water Rats' venue, the music industry holds it's breath to see what Sanguine will do next. 2011 looks as if it's going to be an interesting year for this female-fronted phenomenon.