sanity's edge

sanity's edge


A 5 man band out of Hornell,NY. serving up the hottest rock and roll from the area. Mixing a special blend of todays hard hitting songs with a couple of yesterdays hits done their style, and adding their own originals into the mix, producing some of todays hottest sounds on the scene.


Sanity's Edge started 8 yrs ago under the first name of "Chimps With Hammers" by 2 local area muscians. During the past 8 yrs members have come and gone, music styles have changed,and as all know with the DWI laws in effect today it became harder for local area musicians to work, so after deciding to finally get serious about the music the band went through one last change in members and with that brought about the name Sanity's Edge. Many bands have inspired us with our songs but to name any one or few would be wrong, to us any one thats out there for the music is an inspiration. We bring the stage to life with every note thats played or sung with heart-pounding performance, and style all our own, leaving audiences screaming for more.


Push Me Over - Debut L.P.

Set List

we use (3) 50 min.sets with a varience of covers (80%) and originals (20%) covers ranging frome cream,godsmack, creed, hoobastank and others of that genre.