A bunch of black music nerds who decided to make rock music, who's goals are 1)Not to suck 2)Shake some asses 3)Melt some faces.


An average Sankofa performance looks like this: the lead singer Darren stalks the stage, moshing and dancing to the barrage of sound behind him. Hassan on rhythm guitars cuts lose, not afraid to go where the song takes him, be it crawling on the floor as if he's looking for notes, or withering on his back in a state of musical ecstasy. Hard hitting drummer JC finds a groove, and Chris on lead guitar's turns stern and focused on his playing, a ironic twist considering his normally loud costume choices like polka dot jeans and fedora's. The main ingredient, the source of their sauce if you will: is the blues...and they spin it and touch all of its offspring from classic rock, r&b, even modern dance punk/indie rock.


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Currently working on EP to be released mid fall.

Set List

Sets are usually 20-40 minutes, with the exception of an impromptu jam here and there, the songs are solid 3-4 minute radio friendly length.