San Melao/Paul Carlon & Max Pollak

San Melao/Paul Carlon & Max Pollak

 New York City, New York, USA

San Melao conjures a ceremonial fire of improvisation and contemplation through the Afro-Cuban inspired interplay of acclaimed composer/saxophonist Paul Carlon and RumpaTap body percussionist/tap dance innovator Max Pollak.


Since their fortuitous 1993 meeting in an NYC jazz dive, Max Pollak and Paul Carlon have explored the primal connection between music and dance. Equally fascinated with the sonic possibilities of intersecting wind instruments, tap, and body percussion, the two have traveled the world in lineups ranging from explosive big bands to elemental duos.

Their collaborations include Max's groundbreaking dance/percussion/music ensemble RumbaTap, Paul's Octet and Grupo los Santos, and the quintet of the late great Cuban star Juan Pablo Torres.
Leaning alternately more toward music or more toward dance, their partnership always embodies the raw spiritual ecstasy of live performance.


1. RumbaTap/Max Pollak & RumbaTap/2010 (to be released)
1. Roots Propaganda/The Paul Carlon Octet featuring Max Pollak/2008
2. Other Tongues/The Paul Carlon Octet featuring Max Pollak/2006
3. Lo Que Somos Lo Que Sea/Grupo Los Santos featuring Max Pollak/2007