Sanné Lambert

Sanné Lambert


The SANNÉ LAMBERT TRIO is Vancouver's female-fronted, Alt-Rock/Punk 3-piece. Sanné's style of rock is tough and strong, with influences of the late-70's New York scene that spawned Patti Smith and Television.


Sanné Lambert is known internationally as clothing designer and owner of goth paradise Venus & Mars.
( An established success in this field, she is making her mark in the music industry. Sanné's spare, yet warm and sultry sophmore offering, 'UNLIMITED GROWTH' CD LP is now available online and in store @Venus & Mars (604) 687-1908.


An attitude

Written By: Sanne Lambert

Prose is written. Lyrics are sung.


EP CAGE For Posterity's Sake 1994
EP Warning This is a Demo 1999
CD LP Sanné Lambert 2002
CD LP Unlimited Growth April 1st, 2005

Set List

A set consists of a 40min set of orginal music.