We kick ass. Alt-rock and pass the hot sauce.


Hard-hitting rock with a twist of The Funk.

Influences: Alternative, Rock, Blues, Experimental

Sounds like: Incubus, John Mayer Trio, Pearl Jam, Eric Johnson

Formed in 2003 in Columbia, MO USA

Bassist Dave (founder of has been featured in Rolling Stone, MTV, People, TIME, Spin, Newsweek, The New York Times, VH1, etc

SanSerif is a 3-piece power trio lineup (vocals/guitar, bass, drums).

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Touring/promoting "Treasure Junkies"
Released fall 2006

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Set List

45 min - 2 hours of punchy rock 'n roll original music

"Anathema - Song of the Day,", June 20th 2004

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