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The Southwests' Legendary Guitarist, Singer and Songwriter. Blues Farm Records Recording Artist.


Longtime jam guitarist Sansietch unfolds a truly Western feel. Originally from Los Angeles, Sansietch played with several small rock bands, most notably, Random Access. A steady diet of jazz, blues and rock jamming over the years has made Sansietch an amazing live performer.

The maturity of this artist and the depth of his feeling is very evident. Combining rock, jazz, blues and a free-wheeling improvisational style, Sansietch is unlike anyone else.


High Plains Callin'

Written By: Sansietch

Desert morning, I think I hear your call
the road is waiting for me to leave it all
Oh, thinkin' about old times
doesn't help one bit
put it all behind me
the wind just seems to fit

High plains callin'
Big wheels, roll again today
High plains callin'
Desert sunsets, telling me of another day
High plains callin'
High plains callin'

Red painted desert, dry plains of golden wheat
across the southwest
the Pecos cuts me with relief
As I drop down, the sands of death are at my feet
I only know
land of enchantment stirs my soul...

Love To Hate

Written By: Sansietch

He wakes with the dawn,
finds dew still on the grasses.
Feed and water before the sun comes
The list is long with things to do.

Oooh, he stands tall out on the plains
Oooh, he finds mercy in the rain
Never thinks about escape
Oooh, this land is what he loves to hate

When the seasons change
the bitter cold takes his breath away
boredom and confinement make him long
for the hard luck of an August Day

So many have come and gone
from those who lived and loved this land
to those who moved on...


Sansietch has been recording low-fi, home-brewed albums for years. He now records and releases albums on Blues Farm Records.

Set List

Covers are rare for this improvisational artist. There may be 4 or 5. The current set list plays songs From Acoustic River, Fields Of Glory, New Mexico Son, and then some.