Tearin' it up! Southwestern Rock that feels just like the plains... and the desert. Slide guitar and lyrics that fit just right when you're in the wind, or two shades under.


Early in 2007 the artist known as Sansietch set out to record an album much as he had for the past several years, since his first small 4-track in the 80's... by himself. While he continued to write, perform, and produce everything himself, he realized that something had changed. The new level of technology, especially the Internet, had changed many of the music business variables.

Even before the advent of digital recording equipment, and low cost, high quality components, Sansietch had always made records by himself. But now they could be made at a level of quality never before possible outside large studios.

Not only that, but the means of distribution were no longer confined to a few large companies that would fill the shelves of record stores across the nation. It seemed that few even purchased music this way anymore. Music was being bought online, and CDs were being purchased less and less. Digital downloads of both albums and singles were now a large, if not majority outlet.

The solution was to create his own record label. At first this entailed the sales of only Sansietch albums, but once that vehicle was established, it was a natural step to bring in other artists, and provide the same outlet for their music.

By the middle of 2008, Blues Farm Records had 4 artists on its roster. These artists, including himself, performed across New Mexico and Texas, and have built a good niche following.

True to his artistic sense, Sansietch hasn't squeezed the label into a single genre, but rather let his artists establish the tone for the label.
And establish it they did. The label has country, rock, and blues artists, but it's fan base is broader than any single genre. It has shaped itself around their home, the southwest.

Fans seem to understand the foundation. It's built on the plains and the desert and the mountains of the southwest. It's hot and raw like the wind or the Chile pepper. It embodies ideas of freedom, open space, and nature.

Sansietch received his A.A. in Liberal Arts from Santa Monica College and his B.A. in Business Administration from Baker College.


Where Giants Roared

Written By: Sansietch

Golden Fields stretch out before me
the 84 can lead me home
or take me to the 60
look out Clovis, here I come

Gonna feed my horses
gonna find out what it means
to lay down tracks where giants roared
and where outlaws came to sing.

The old main still kicks
but the vultures lurk around
waiting to pick off the weak
you'll find them just north of town

but in the dusty haze of a sundown
Mulhair's out, and Sansietch lurks
Along with Kelley on the outskirts of town
They keep it rockin' all night long

Love To Hate

Written By: Sansietch

He wakes with the dawn,
finds dew still on the grasses.
Feed and water before the sun comes
The list is long with things to do.

Oh, he stands tall out on the plains
Oh, he finds mercy in the rain
Never thinks about escape
Oh, this land is what he loves to hate

When the seasons change
the bitter cold takes his breath away
boredom and confinement make him long
for the hard luck of an August Day

So many have come and gone
from those who lived and loved this land
to those who moved on...

High Plains Callin'

Written By: Sansietch

Desert morning, I think I hear your call
the road is waiting for me to leave it all
Oh, thinkin' about old times
doesn't help one bit
put it all behind me
the wind just seems to fit

High plains callin'
Big wheels, roll again today
High plains callin'
Desert sunsets, telling me of another day
High plains callin'
High plains callin'

Red painted desert, dry plains of golden wheat
across the southwest
the Pecos cuts me with relief
As I drop down, the sands of death are at my feet
I only know
land of enchantment stirs my soul.


Sansietch – Foundation 87 *
Sansietch – Another Rainy Day 88 *
Sansietch – All Over Now 00 *
Sansietch – Rock-n-Roll's Last Stand 03 *
Sansietch – Blues Farm 04 *
Sansietch – Fields of Glory 06
Sansietch – Off The Cuff 07
Sansietch – New Mexico Son 08
Mark Kelley – Mark Kelley 08
Mark Kelley - 'Til I Get Home 08

Set List

Sansietch typically plays 1 to 2 hour solo acoustic shows, but anything can happen.

He certainly has the material to play much longer, though he seems to tailor his sets around a mood. Many times this can include electric guitar and if someone pops up to help out it can turn into some lengthly jams not seen much anymore outside of southern rock.

Sansietch Set List

1.Savin' Joe
2.Oh, Natalie
3.Fields Of Glory
4.High Plains Callin
5.Cousin Rain
6.Cost Factor
7.behind the silence
8.make it with you
9.Love to hate
10.where giants roared
11.The river
12.Call It Quits
13.season of memories
14.Down to a Stream
15.Best of my love
16.not about blues skies
17.movin' on
19.with you
20.sandy bottom
21.Together Baby
22.Play The Fool pay day
24.Western Warrior