Seattle, Washington, USA

Santee has crafted a truly unique sound, blending their
affections for local Northwest music such as Modest Mouse with country great Patsy Cline, holding a steady footing in their love of the Beatles.


In 2008, Santee was born. The band is named after their mother’s Native American tribe, the Santee Sioux.

Santee was founded by Heather and Joshua Loepp, a brother and sister duo hailing from Sioux City, Iowa among cornfields and fireflies. As young as age 7, Heather competed in the county fair and was snuck into karaoke bars to sing the songs of her hero: Patsy Cline.

Heather is inspired by her Midwestern childhood, infusing her songwriting with sparkling nostalgia. After moving to the great Pacific Northwest, themes of the mysterious landscapes she had never before witnessed made a huge impact on her, creatively. Not only the icy waters and misty mountains stole her heart, but the special music that was produced by it. She taught herself guitar and began writing songs at age eighteen, her brother soon followed.

Heather’s old friend and first love, Joel Myers (of Derek Kelley and the Speedwobbles, Abraham), offered his incredible talents on the bass, adding a level of sophistication that urged them to raise the bar. Then came their young gun, virtuoso, Conor Sisk (of New Faces, Brite Futures) on the drums who reigned in the raw wilderness inherent in their sound and made them ready for bigger leagues. Santee inherited Spencer Kelley (of Basemint, Wallpaper), pride of the South Sound and Tacoma’s most charming front man, who’s Wurlitzer invoked a whimsical beauty that balanced the band’s otherwise dark ambience. With their new spangled cast of musicians, Joshua and Heather’s childhood imaginations step onto the stage. Santee has crafted a truly unique sound, blending their affections for local Northwest music such as Modest Mouse with country great Patsy Cline, holding a steady footing in their love of the Beatles. Heather’s deeply personal lyrics backed up by the band’s skillful harmonies deliver an emotional experience and insight into her world of dreams, stories and memories.

They are releasing their very first album in June 2013 entitled, “Historee”.


Voice By Hand

Written By: Heather Loepp

I'd away with you if I could
if you would give me a wooden ring,
I'd sing

But the future is where we live
and I give
The present away, the present away
(you know that I give)

Well I recorded your voice by hand
I illustrated the things you said
in my head

But the future is where we live
and I give
The present away


Written By: Heather Loepp

If there's a way to go then I will go it
If there's a reason to stay I don't show it
Hitch a ride on a plane
Where it's certain that nothins the same

Where will you be when I'm comin?
Cuz I'm guaranteed to be comin
Back, back
To the same that I made strange

No matter how old I grow,
It's hard to be true from my head to my toes
Well I'm sorry if I was mean, I'm sorry if I was mean
Cuz I try to protect,
Well I cover my neck from your fangs with my hand
and I know you can't understand

That I'm the same that I made strange

Anything On Me

Written By: Heather Loepp

If you're alone, do you wanna meet up with me?
I'm in a city, I don't know the name of the street
I got a view of a brick wall

In this country, somehow a dollar makes three
I'm always game for stupid shopping sprees
But now I found out I'm nearly in the bread line

Dogs barking, give me a sign

If you'll be late or not show up at all
There's no way to even give me a call
I'll just hide inside, I'm too scared to walk around

Dogs howlin', show me the town

It's like a New York, without any attitude
It’s the indifference that seems to hurt my mood
I'm gonna dress in black so no one ever tries to try

Anything on me.


Written By: Heather Loepp

It could be easy
To please, to please me
Just open up your straight mouth
Draw the bridge let someone out
And walk back to the old house
Blanket canopy I will never want out
But if I could leave you
I'd leave a trail of songs
So you could figure me out

If you wanted, but don't tread
Too lightly, too lightly

If I could change you
I'd change everything
So you would never want out
You'd answer to your bird call
It's strange,
the beauty we find when taking control

It makes no difference
That she won't compare
It gives me a terrible scare

It could be easy
To please, to please me

Nothing Ever Works

Written By: Heather Loepp

Nothing ever works around here
You gotta use a paper and pen
Cuz I gotta talk about you, now and then.

Cause actually you’re stuck in me
Lika a prong
Actually you’re cooked in me
Like your coffee pot I left on all day long.

I tried to cool it, cool it down
But it shattered into crystal
And I tried to call you, to aim at you
Like my cell phone was a pistol.

Oh, when, when?
Will I ever stop my calling?
Oh, when, when?
Will you ever stop responding?

Nothing ever moves around here
You gotta turn it on, and then see
That I communicate with letter and then sounds
From my records and my TV



Written By: Heather Loepp

(walk into the water)
I think I need to break a bone
It’s something that I never done
It’s crazy but it sound like fun

But then you’d have to see
Me bent up on the ground
And it’d break your heart
So I don’t wanna play around anymore

(walk into the water)
I think I need to leave this town
Sorry to the Puget Sound
I’m old enough to settle down now

But I’m too young
To buy a house
And it breaks my heart
Cuz I don’t wanna wait around anymore

(walk into the water)
Virginia Woolf could stay alone
She did away with telephone
Its crazy but I think I could, too

Then I’d disappear,
Think I could disappear
But it’d break my heart
and I don’t wanna hang around anymore

for many years I wait.


Written By: Heather Loepp

I used to be a starchild
Howlin’ on the moon phone
But since then I been younger
Ever since I left my home.

For seven years I wondered
Where it was a dug my bone
Once a while I dial
The number to my telephone

Oh, the landline is gone.

(repeat verses)

I love to find you downstairs,
The TV glowin’ like a halo

You never seem to grow old,
You just been old forever.

Numbers Don't Care

Written By: Heather Loepp

Even spiders have names and are friends with one another
Well I made ‘em all marry and bury each other.
Well it’s only fair,
That it seems like I am the only one who cares.

Tornadoes play games and they pick on the house which,
They wanna take for a ride
Well it’s only fair
That nature is not the one
to care

I spent two years in school doin’ mathematics
and I’ve forgotten it all,
despite all the practice.
Well it’s only fair
you can care about numbers
but numbers don’t care.

Yes Enemy

Written By: Heather Loepp

Just laying on the ground, waiting for …
But the park is dark and it’s raining,
Everyone is hiding

Just got a message that I don’t wanna read
Cuz I already know it’s nothin’ but no.

The rain says “no” and the park says “no”
and you’re the master of no.

Yes Enemy
Yes Enemy

I know we’re not supposed to
But let’s hang out
Everyone else is really boring

We could sit on the ground and talk about how
they made the TV
But you’ll just say no cuz you always say
You’ll just say no cuz you always say

Cuz you’re the master.

Yes Enemy
Yes Enemy.


Our debut full length CD will be released June 2013.
Stay posted for more details as we get closer...)

Set List

Nothing Ever Works
Voice by hand
Everytihng on me
Who is the Devil
Jason's Song
Numbers Don't Care