Santiago Latorre

Santiago Latorre


Órbita is about turning and evolving, always the same journey but constantly changing, getting older, slowly dying. As a planet that goes around the sun, each sound comes back to the same place a number of times. But everytime, something has happened, a year has passed.


Santiago Latorre lives and works in Barcelona.

At the age of 11 he began playing sax and a few years later, he started electronic engineering. These two parallel interests led to the development of his Sonification of the Human Genome, the project that marked the beginning of Santiago’s fascination with musical experimentation and new sounds.

In 2005 he started searching for cyclical structures, surrounding melodies and subtle textures. He used layers of sax, voice, accordion, piano and synthesised sounds to progressively construct and deconstruct the tracks. This work is now compiled in Órbita, his debut album (Accretions, November 08).

Santiago Latorre has performed in some of the most relevant festivals and spaces around Spain (SONAR, LEM, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Periferias, Fundacio Antoni Tapies...) and has toured in the USA, Mexico and China.

He has also composed music for dance, theatre, fashion and videoart projects, through which he has collaborated with artists and organizations like Ivonne Dippmann, Marc Parrot, Idoia Zabaleta, Sara Paniagua and Po Yen Chang.

He will be in Japan in support of Órbita during this Autumn.


Le sobrevive, le sobrevive a todo la frialdad

Written By: Kobayashi Issa

Le sobrevive, le sobrevive a todo la frialdad

Si el sol no calienta

Written By: Salas Sanchez

Si el sol no calienta
Si el sueño no invade tu frente
Si tu cuerpo no se rinde a los músculos cansados
Si la sangre no palpita rápida en tus sienes

Si la luz no anochece poco a poco mientras recoges
Si las voces no suenan a la hora acostumbrada

Si la trama de tu vida no se extiende entre las hojas
Si no se enciende la carne que deseas

Ven, sorpresa, para alumbrar el mundo.


Órbita. Accretions (ALP 047)

Set List

Set is usually around 50 min:octavas. le sobrevive, le sobrevive a todo la frialdad. interludio. canon. alpha-globin. si el sol no calienta. solo. preludio.