What could one say about Santino that hasn't been said, he is a great singer, writer and instrumentalist, sheer recording with excellent musicians. You hear Santana, Juanes or Cruz but even better. We would not be surprised if this Latin heartthrob takes the world by storm!



Los Angeles based and critically acclaimed Latin singer songwriter Santino to start summer with hot movie theatre and TV music placements and a strong radio single to prepare the release of his first album in North America this fall.

Santino's loungy mid tempo Guajira "INFIERNO" made it to the big screen, in this Summer biggest movie " WAR OF THE WORLDS" directed by Steven Spilberg and featuring Tom Cruise.

Over one minute of Santino's upbeat and catchy tune "PARA ABAJO Y PARA ARRIBA", which will be on his album scheduled to be released in the Fall, has been chosen by the producers of FOX TV NETWORK golden globe winner series THE SHIELD to be featured in the episode #411 "A thosand deaths". This episode was aired in MAY-JUNE and was watched the first day by over 3.5 million viewers. You will be able to catch that episode on DVD.

Santino was asked by music bussines mogul and former STING manager Miles Copeland, a legendary impresario who has served as manager, agent or record label chief for acts including The Police,The Sex Pistols, The Bangles, REM, The Go Gos, The Moody Blues, Blondie, and the host of others, to cover in spanish The Police's most famous song "Every Breath You Take" for a tribute to The Police, featuring covers as well by JUANES, CERATI, SAUL HERNANDEZ, SORAYA and others. Santino's Spanish version titled "Nadie es como tu" will be the first single of the compilation OUTLANDOS D' AMERICAS "tribute to the police" out on ARK 21/Universal September 27th 2005.

Santino is now done mixing his album “INDIOCUMENTADO” at Hollywood's Jim Henson Recording Studios (formerly Known as A&M studios) with renowned mixing engineer German Villacorta -Cordova... he has worked with (Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Eagles, Alice Cooper, Eva Ayllon, Peru Negro,etc)

What now?
Santino is currently working on several songs for established artists in the following genre: Reggaeton, ballad, Latin pop, even middle eastern music.

Growing up…
Santino started playing the guitar and singing at the age of 14. His parents and his four brothers and sister are music fans and always encouraged me to be a musician. The first thing his mom did is call one of her friends who was an opera singer and asked her to teach me how to sing. After this, Santino worked with five different teachers. A few years after he first played the guitar… Fragíl, the most acclaimed rock band in Peru, hired him as a singer. Santino became a rock star, which involved good and bad things: He was performing in front of 60000 people, toured constantly and had fans from Argentina to Miami, selling records and merchandising very well.

Moving on and forward…
Santino decided to reinvent himself and start again in a competitive world where he could really grow up, so he moved to Los Angeles and formed his own band. Santino composed a lot of songs and performed regularly in Los Angeles, building a strong fan base. He opened for Maná, Luis Miguel, Julietta Venegas and Concrete Blonde, but to name a few. Now he is a solo artist. Through his newly formed production company, he recorded his first solo Album, which he wrote and produced, featuring such well established players as Luis Conte, Ramon Stagnaro, Carlos del Puerto, Marcelo Berestovoy, etc. Santino worked hard and restlessly to become a strong and unique singer.

His music, his art…
Santino is a very open minded person and likes different types of music. He listens to a lot of various artists from all around the world. He composes his music with different Latin music influences mixed in with various rhythms like reggae, pop, rock, rumba, salsa and waltz and adds Peruvian colors with instruments like Cajon, Charango and Zampoña. He composed all the songs on his latest cd in Los Angeles and Peru and wrote the lyrics in Paris and the South of France. His lyrics talk about love (love being the strongest feeling he has ever experienced and the only powerful tool that keeps the world turning), about fear (because it is a part in our minds that keeps us from moving forward), about human relationships, about political and social issues such as immigration. Santino refers to metaphors and philosophical reflections to express emotions and tell stories inspired by what he learns on the streets and his experience in life. He wants to talk about freedom and expression.

America and Latin America…
He has been living in America for 8 years and now he represents not only Peru, but also Latin America. Santino went through different phases in life, including the painful and stressful immigration and loneliness phases, but he never lost his dream.
“We don’t have opportunities in our countries that push us to look at different horizons. Husbands, wives, children, parents have to leave their relatives and loved ones behind just to be able to survive. People are risking their lives to follow their dreams. I’ve seen a lot of


Sonrie, Arriba, Cerca and Llevame Contigo are being played on radios, online radios, in America and in Peru. For more details, please contact the agency at - thank you.

Set List

The set is typically about 45 minutes.
Santino likes to perform the songs that are on his album + a new song.
Here's the set list in a miscellaneous order:
Llevame Contigo
Amor de Mi Vida
Te Burlas de Mi