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The best kept secret in music


"BUY THIS MAN'S CD...He's unlike anything you've heard. Good sh*t, I've mixed with him on this album and he put a lot of work into this! And it came out great. The CD is worth every penny. Always Gotcha back Santino."

- GrovE


"From what I've heard so far the album came out real hot! I like what you did with my beats I'll definitely be buying a copy ... yeah everyone cop "The Brilliance", you're not gonna hear anything like it any time soon."

- Anno Domini


- Artists/Producers I've worked with.

"Wow, i might actually start listening to hip hop and stuff now. lol you kick ass!"

- Teresa VanAusdle


"Hey man..I'm an artist, I make the imagined real on paper. But are an artist of an even greater level. You're making music that touches our very souls. We can feel it. If we close our eyes we still feel it in us. You're better than 95% of what's on the radio. Keep it up bro..."

- T.C. Williams


"Hey just to let ya know I think you are going to go far! Keep up good good work kiddo!!! You're on the right path to success!!!"

- Cyndi

"I absolutely love your music!!! <33"

- PlayboY BunniE


"Hey! I love the music! Its original and got its own style. Def kick @$$ material."


---------- - Friend Comments

"Have a listen to this creative collaboration of Hip-Hop meets rock. This up and coming artist really hits home with, "In your face lyrics" and catchy rhythms."

- Music World Central - Music World Central


"Sweet Redemption" - Speak to Be Heard [DEMO] -
"The Brilliance" : Full Length [July 2005]
"Help Me Out" : Demo [Mar 2005]


Feeling a bit camera shy


The beat stops and the audience goes quiet, but a voice is still blairing over the speakers. The lyrics pour through the sound system at an unyielding rate, putting its listeners in to a trance. The words and the flow force you to stop what your doing and concentrate on every carefully written rhyme. Suddenly, everything else becomes less important than right here and now, even if only for a moment. Because every word being said is in direct relation to you, because you can feel the exact emotions being expressed, and because its real and its human. Singer and Songwriter Santino, the new face in the New Jersey hip hop scene at the young age of 18 sets his goals to reach the aforementioned and nothing less. To connect on a level beyond envy and jealousy like so many other arists in this genre seem to do. To connect with his listener on more familiar grounds, by singing about things we all know, things we all live through, and things we all think about at one point or another. Emotion is the strongest physical feeling known to man, and no emotion is left untouched by this talented young artist.

The summer of 2005 was one of the most important moments of Santino's life/career. The summer in which he left his first mark on the hip hop scene with his debut release "The Brilliance". A 10 track album, showcasing the young artists diversity, lyrically and vocally. With the energetic and verbally entertaining first single "Between 2 Worlds", Santino allows us some insight as to where he stands on many hot topics, and general everyday situations. "The Brilliance" also feautres a guest appearance by up and coming female vocalist AmandaChrys on the mellow track "Let it Go", on which our young artist finds himself at a low point, but wont allow it to get the best of him. Other tracks such as "Break Me Down", "Ignite", and "Sleepwalking", reveal Santino's heavy rock background as ex-frontman for multiple NJ metal bands. Currently, promoting the release of his album "The Brilliance" through many underground marketing methods. Santino is rapidly making a name for himself in New Jersey and with the on-line community throughout the country, having sold copies of his album on the day of its release to fans as far as Texas and California!

With out hesitation, Santino has already begun writing brand new material for his follow-up album to “The Brilliance”. And as his career grows and matures in to whats sure to be a long and very successful future, this artist is riddled with fresh topics and content for many albums to come. With much hard work, dedication, practice, patience, and the continuous support from his fans, Santino will take the hip hop genre to an entirely new level. Not a level higher or lower than ever before, but to a level that no artist has yet ventured. And thats what makes stars in this industry. Unique, talented, determined, prepared, and fresh out the gate, it seems nothing can stop Santino's rise to success. With Santino on the scene, Hip Hop will be never be the same.