Next level rock and roll with punk attitude, reggae dub rhythm, and a vocal style that makes it hurt so good.


Santi White is a pioneer of a new cross-genre urban music movement. As a young Philadelphia native, Santi began pursuing her musical interest in highschool, interning with Kenny Gamble, and then at Ruffhouse Records. After graduating from highschool, she spent summers in NY, interning at Epic Records, where she ultimately landed a job as an A&R Assistant. It was there that she signed a development deal for an artist named Res. Realizing her interest lay on the more creative side of the music industry, Santi began songwriting. She landed Res a deal at MCA Records, where she collaborated with esteemed Canadian producer, Martin “Doc� McKinney (producer of Esthero), with whom she Executive Produced and wrote Res’, debut album, “How I Do�, released in 2001.

Amidst the critical acclaim she received for the Res project, Santi took center stage as the lead singer of the punk/new wave rock band, Stiffed, releasing their debut EP on Rich Nichols’ (manager of The Roots) indie label, Coolhunter. Though the label folded immediately following the release, Stiffed received excellent press across all genres, from magazines like Rolling Stone, Spin, Vibe, Essence, The Fader, and Mojo, to Big Brother, Bitch and Punk Planet. They had created a buzz that would only continue to grow over the next few years, as they seemed to have touched a nerve, discovering an untapped multi-genre subculture waiting to bubble over. The band released their first LP on NFL player, Trevor Pryce’s indie label, Outlook Music. Just as the record was released, the notorius A&R man, Martin Heath (whose UK Indie label, Lizard King, launched The Killers to multi-platinum success) attended a show, and soon after signed Santi to a solo deal. The project is called SANTOGOLD.

Since then, Santi has recorded an EP, due to be released on Lizard King this fall. She has recently collaborated with M.I.A and Lady Sovereign producer, Switch, Mark Ronson, and Disco D, as she is recognized as an artist in a league of her own. She will be touring with Mark Ronson this summer to set up the release of her EP, and is currently working on a collaborative Mix CD with Spank Rock, Mark Ronson and pro snowboarder, Trevor Andrew’s, band, Trouble.


Sex Sells EP - Stiffed - Coolhunter Records/Ryko
Burned Again LP - Stiffed - Outlook Music (Fontana/Universal)
Santogold EP - Santogold- will be released Oct. '06 on Lizard King Records

Set List

Our sets are between 30 and 45 minutes usually, the songs are usually 2.5 to 4 minutes long. If we do covers we usually do songs like "Guns of Brixton" by The Clash or "Right Brigade" by Bad Brains.