Santos de Los Angeles

Santos de Los Angeles

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Santos de Los Angeles is a Cumbia Reggae artist that delivers high energy performances with a cabaret feel. He is the star of "La Muerte Vive" rock opera. Recognized by Latina Magazine, the Latin Alternative Music Conference, MTV3, LATV, American Latino, iTunes Artist of the Week. He scored the soundtrack for Academy Award Nominee Bill Brummel's film "Viva La Causa."


Santos de Los Angeles is an internationally touring recording artist who leads a small orchestra and produces high energy performances with a taste of burlesque from LA, New York, to London and The Hague. Santos contributed in large part to the soundtrack for Award Winning Director Bill Brummel's film "Viva La Causa" which was nominated for an Academy Award (2009). Santos opens the film performing "Justice" (available on iTunes), as well as ending the film with a remake of the Jorge Valdez song "Picket Signs," and most notably during arguably the most powerful scene in the film after Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated, Santos voice can be heard during the funeral possession.

Santos de Los Angeles stars in "La Muerte Vive!" a rock opera which debuted at the Million Dollar Theater. Santos composed and arranged all the music "La Muerte Vive" which was created by Tony Dominguez, New York Style award winning paper mache artist. This rock opera is a culmination of the theatrical elements that Santos employs in his live show. Blending Jazz, Reggae, and Latin Music, Santos live show features burlesque starlets Ruby Champagne, Violet Valentine, and Paula Baby among others.

Santos de Los Angeles was honored by iTunes as the featured artist during Valentines week (2008). His single "The Sweetest Thing" was offered as a free download during this week. Santos presented an international release "Senorina Luna" which he collaborated with the reggae group Splendid, based out of the Netherlands (2009).

Santos de Los Angeles headlined the 8th & 9th annual Festival de La Gente along international acts like Soul Assassins of Cyprus Hill and Molotov, and performing at Santa's Hollywood Xmas Parade televised by KTLA Channel 5. Santos who was honored by Latina Magazine as “one of the 47 people, places and cositas we love” in their February Love issue, and recognized by the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) as the “Brightest new talent” (2005). His single “Nina Orgullosa” has appeared on MTV3 and LATV. Santos de Los Angeles along with his Player Saint Orchestra has also appeared nationally on ABC’s American Latino numerous times. This year he has released his 3rd album "The Secret Book of Game" through Player Saint Records, celebrated at The House of Blues Anaheim.

Many of the songs of his 2010 "Secret Book of Game" mix English and Spanish lyrics, an approach that allows him to reach a more diverse audience. His message of Amor y Paz is key to his music, which is injected with Hip Hop, R&B, Roots Reggae, Dancehall and Reggaeton. These rhythms along with romantic boleros have become Santos' signature sound, and simultaneously offers an identity to the West Coast Latin Music scene that is more rooted in our distinctly Mexican and Latin African cultures. Santos’ songwriting is a reflection of the struggle that confronts so many young Latino youth who must face harsh urban realities.


The Sweetest Thing

Written By: Santos de Los Angeles

You are the Sweetest Thing
" " " " " " " " " "

God made woman, and woman gave birth to man
Take him by the hand, and make him understand if you can
Show him the creator's plan
Yeah man is strong and man is smart
But man don't listen to his own heart
Art imitates the world, the world imitates art
But this worl is falling apart
So women stand up, it's time to be strong
Don't be a follower and simply go along
with the plan when you know that it's wrong
I dedicate to you the lyrics of this song...


Written By: Santos de Los Angeles

Angel I hear that you've been lonely,
I'm quite familiar with your story
Heard you've been selling out that body
You know it left me very worried

Cuz even though I've always known
As though your fate were set in stone
That this path that you have taken
Would be the same one that your on..

Angel.. don't let em catch you slipping
Angel..You're in danger
Told you to never trust a stranger..

I heard that fool you're with ain't treating you right
That all you two ever do is fuss and fight
I'd love to say I am but I'm not surprised
You probably get him heated girl with all your lies

Angel I know about you pain
I know you're sick and tired of playing these foolish games
But I won't play no, I won't play
I might be here another year but you don't have to stay


La Muerte Vive

Written By: Santos de Los Angeles

Se van mientras otros se quedan
Unos gozan, mientras otros se quejan
Pero siempre la vida sigue
Y la muerte vive..

La vida es un complicado juego de ajedrez
Y dicen que se vive solo para regresar otra vez
Sera verdad talvez pero lo que yo si se
La Muerte Vive..

Se van mientras otros se quedan
Unos gozan, mientras otros se quejan
Pero siempre la vida sigue
Y la muerte vive..

Though all of your precious dreams
Fade forever so it seems,
They will always find a place
In all eternity...


La Muerte Vive (2011)
-Produced by Player Saint Records

The Secret Book of Game I (2010)
-Produced by Player Saint Records, mixed by Charlie Watts, mastered by Big Bottom Bob.

Santos de Los Angeles: LIMITED EDITION (2007)
-Produced by Player Saint Records with Marko G.

-Produced by Marko G. (Brickhouse LA)

"Los Angeles"
-featured on LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Conference) Compilation (2004)
-on KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
"The Sweetest Thing"
-featured on LAMC Compilation (2005)
-on 89.9 KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic
-on Indie 103 FM Red Zone

-Produced by Brickhouse LA/ Moon Music Group

Set List

Enough original material for 120 minutes, and 60 minutes of covers. Total: 3hrs
The Player Saint Orchestra features Latin Dance covers from Sonora Dinamita, Celia Cruz to Buena Vista Social Club.