MedellĂ­n, Antioquia, COL

Santtos is a miscegenation of caribbean and latin sounds with touches of rock and world music. The band combines a powerfull sound with a great multimedia's show incluiding videos, photos and interactions.


Santtos ( is a Colombian latin rock band founded in 2007. They were the invite band of the Festival Internacional Altavoz (2010), sharing stage with importants artists like: The Skatalites, Dante, Robi Draco Rosa, and many others. Also, Santtos has played in national fests and pubs around the country (Colombia). They got a great success performance during the closure of IX Juegos Suramericanos in (2010). At the moment, Santtos is next to release their first Ep 'Santto Remedio'.


Santtos - Natturaleza (Demo 2008)
Santtos - Santto Remedio (Ep 2010)