Sanus Valde

Sanus Valde


Sanus Valde (Latin for "intense sound") refuses to be defined by one genre, layering progressive rock with metal and jazz elements, to create a new music standard. We challenge our listeners to define our sound.


We are a band straight out of Atlanta, Georgia that refuses to be defined by one genre. Our style layers progressive rock with metal and jazz elements, to create a new music standard.

All of us in Sanus Valde are born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Nick and Rory are twin brothers and have been playing their instruments for about 4 years.. Walker Hayden is our drummer and we couldn't be happier. He has the most creative style out any drummer today. We all formed the band at the beginning of 2008 and we have enjoyed every minute of it.

We have played quite a lot of shows so far in our career. Our first and most important show was at a battle of the bands concert. It was with the Exposure Music Festival, the battle consisted of 40+ local bands out of Georgia. The show was held at Atlanta's "The Masquerade" a widely used venue. Our show time was at 10:00pm and we played a 30 minute set. The crowd had a great turn out and we played for more people than we had originally expected. It was one great show and it will always be remembered.

Currently we have been playing at local venues in the Atlanta area. We frequently gig at "Swayze's Venue" and "The Warehouse". Both are great venues with awesome atmospheres.


We are currently recording songs for a demo and an EP album.

Set List

Generally our set lists consist of 5 to 6 songs on a 30 minute average set. Most of the time we play one cover and it has usually been our rendition of the Miles Davis classic "All Blues". We like to change the set list every show. Our set list will usually have our song "Sanus Valde" as the opener or as the 3rd or 4th song, that song has been played on every set so far.