Set your coarse for adventure as 3 guys take you on a musical journey that explores all diffrent creatures of rock. This SAPHARI is not for the faint hearted. So suit up and strap in as this North Brisbane band present the new evolution of music.


Saphari have come for the hearts and minds of the rough rockers and dance floor divas. Their songs are an edgy counterpoint between the progressive rock underground and chart-straddling dance rock pop, with lyrics that will show you to live and teach you to think. Forming in 2005 as a divine collision of the garage rock, metal and experimental scenes, Saphari are creating a new paradigm for rock and dance music.

Saphari have been testing the water with some recent demo tracks each one a further refinement of their musical agenda. The beats are abrasive yet calming, the guitar squeals and strains like horny teenagers, the pumpin’ bass is body moving, and the vocal diversity keeps you locked to there sound. This is a true return of creativity which has been missing from our rock and roll culture.


Just got recording gear so look out soon.

Set List

Saphari, Front Page, Punchbowl, I Feel, Out on a Limb, Falling Down, The Wolf, Inner Drive, Teck, Monsters in my Head. Usuall set goes for 45min to an hour. Cover songs include: Prissoner of Society, Tainted Love, Parinoid, Better, Fake tales of San Francisco, Blister in the Sun, Foxy Lady, Magic Carpet Ride....