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GE: The name of your band, Sapo Sueno, is very poetic. Is there a special meaning or story behind it?

JB: We decided on the name of the band much as Christopher Columbus decided to discover America. Neither was intentional.
The two words, "Sapo" and "Sueno," came up in conversation before our band's first gig. Sapo means toad or frog in Spanish, and sueno means dream. We decided the two words sounded good togehter.
We're still not sure what others think.
But my theory has always been that the music defines the name. The name really doesn't matter that much. If the band isn't that great, then the name isn't that great. Led Zeppelin? They were named after a blimp. Yet you hear the name and you think of a rock 'n' roll band, not a hot-air balloon.

GE: I know it's difficult to define your own art, but go ahead and take a stab at describing the sound of Sapo Sueno.

JB: Scholars say that the Persians, when creating their rugs, would weave in imperfections so as not to offend the gods. That's how I would define our music.

GE: You guys are self-releasing your first record, "Reaching for a Starless Sky," on June 7. That's exciting. Most people don't realize how much sweat and sacrifice something like this takes to accomplish. What has been your greatest challenge during the whole process?

JB: Keeping the debt collectors away from my knees. But seriously...songs change a lot in the studio. What's coming through the speakers isn't originally what we had in mind. It's like realizing that one of your kids has a speech impediment, and you have to put him through speech therapy to make him sound better. It's very difficult to accept this.

GE: Was "Reaching..." recorded locally?

JB: Yes. We actually had the opportunity to record with Adam Ruppel of Systematic Fame. He produced the record. He was a huge influence in shaping the sound of the band. We recorded here in town at Proview Studios.

GE: Here is your chance to invite everyone to your CD Release party. Where and when is it happening?

JB: At Concetta, on June 7. Nine o' clock-ish. Quite simply, we're going to bring it.

GE: If people aren't able to make the CD release party where can they pick up a copy of your new album?

JB: It will be available at, iTunes, Skips and the Queen Been Cafe.

GE: I'm always curious to ask local bands their views on the state of the Modesto music scene. From your perspective, what do you feel is its strongest point and in what area do you see room for improvement?

JB: I'm fairly new to the music scene, but I've noticed a huge emergence of talent in the area. It's weird to think that Modesto could give birth to so many different bands and styles, and that so much of it is refreshing and new. Also, it's great that everybody is so supportive of each other.
As far as room for improvement, I think the music scene would benefit from more venues.

GE: Any final words of wisdom on music, food, funk or fashion?

JB: No. - - Modesto View Magazine

"Depth is something that most rock bands no longer care to keep alive. But Sapo Sueno managed to rescue it and bring it back to life by breathing into it deep lyrics and putting it to rest on a bed of driving rhythms. This is the music that artists spend a whole lifetime trying to create. This is the music that makes Sapo Sueno a unique and powerful force." -

Sapo Sueno gives me hope for the future of music. Catching them live, or drinking in one of their expertly recorded tracks is like stumbling upon a secret that only you and the band know: the fate of song is secure, so you should really just curl up with a blanket and someone you love and not worry about it. - B93, KOSO-FM


Reaching For A Starless Sky



Good music should have something for everybody. Your good cup of coffee, if tasted by a gourmet coffee aficionado, will likely have various flavors and aromas undetectable by somebody who is just looking for a good cup of coffee. That doesn’t mean you will enjoy it any less. Sapo Sueno is both a good cup of coffee and an experience for the musical gourmand. Whether you are looking just to be blanketed by warm chords and lyrics that speak to our primal minds, or seeking an ingenious puzzle filled with clever twists to satisfy your discerning palate, the music created by Sapo Sueno has something to offer.
Sapo Sueno’s songs touch on matters both intellectual and universal. You are in love, or mourning its loss. You stride the earth like a colossus, or feel like a leaf in a storm. The full spectrum of human emotion is captured here, lightning in a bottle waiting to be uncorked. Let Sapo Sueno say what you’ve been thinking all along.