Sapphire Sky

Sapphire Sky

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Funk. Original. Multi Instrumetalist Composer Singer Songwriter. My music is fun to dance to and when I take the stage with my band- We Rock!


Born in Oakland, California, Benjamin Patterson attended Bishop O' Dowd High School.
He began acting on the LOGO series, "Noah's Arc" in June of 2005.
Having always had a love for music, Patterson also taught himself guitar, bass, and piano and started composing music for his first solo project, Legend. He independently released his first two projects "Affordable Vacation" and "Psychology" online under his new band name "SAPPHIRE SKY". He is currently working on his next project "Hollywood Summertime ", and with the release of the first single "Your So Fine" already getting a great response online and live - this upcoming CD is sure to be a hit. What sets him apart is the refinement of each instrumental portion of every song. He sings it, composes it, records each part, yet when he plays live with his band he plays mostly the guitar or piano. "Most other bands play the song as its recorded, but don't have fun with it when playing live- When I go live --- I go REAL LIVE", "Everyone gets to rock out 'cause that's what musicians like to do and what fans want to go home and talk about. Creating is my passion and that's what I do- I create"


"Affordable Vacation" 6 tracks on iTunes
" Psychology" 13 tracks on iTunes
Singles: " Always On My Mind "
" Your So FIne"
" Heaven Knows"
"Don't Be Such A Tease" (on Youtube)
"Make Believe" (on Youtube)
"Get With This" (on Youtube)
"XXX Fantasy" Music Video (on Youtube)