Sapporo Safaris

Sapporo Safaris


We have big sounds. We have big dreams. We love ramen.


Sapporo Safaris are not really from Hokkaido. Neither do they possess a parading mascot. Sapporo Safaris simply depict a story about a handful (or two) of Singaporean girls and boys, and how they came together to start something special. Formed in early 2012 through mutual friends and siblings, the collective found each other fixated on one simple quest – to be as big as they possibly can. Yet they complement their gargantuan presentations with personal and empathetic songwriting. They purport to leave the hairs on your skin standing, whilst secretly tossing you into your own subliminal flashback hinting the thought, “Why yes I have felt this way before”.

Sapporo Safaris are about family and friends. Joys and heartbreaks. Explorations and solitudes. Flights and falls. They are a humble manifestation of all those scattered emotions squeezed into a giant megaphone, and pressed against the lips of their unified voice, only to release a sound that is essentially genuine, sincere, and of course, fun.

2012 witnessed the beginning of an adventure which was anything but shy. The Sapporos’ infant steps left lingering pawprints in the hearts of many, showcasing their catchy anthems at venues across Singapore such as Home Club, Blu Jaz Café, Red Dot Museum, *SCAPE, and several more. Sapporo Safaris was also featured on the finale episode of the online video series Kombi Sessions.

On 25th January 2013, Sapporo Safaris released their highly anticipated debut EP titled Figures of Eight, paving the road ahead which looks to glow brightly for these young and passionate dreamers.


Figures of Eight EP - 25th January 2013