Sara Hulse Band

Sara Hulse Band

 Monticello, New York, USA

Sara Hulse: Lead Singer and Songwriter & Ukulele player. Paul Mutzek: Singer, Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Bass. Sara: Writes the most poignant lyrics, sings them with the sweetest, captivating voice and accompanies them with her little Ukulele. Paul: Veteran bass and guitar player. Produces, arranges, manages.

Band Press

Show Review, Catskill Distillery Jan 31, 2015 – Jonathan Fox River Reporter

I first heard Sara Hulse perform about five years ago at Dutch’s Tavern in Rock Hill, NY when she was a shy, nervous novice, still learning how to stand on her own two feet and make eye contact with the audience, while strumming a ukulele, singing original songs. Flash-forward to 2015, and this unique talent has spread her wings, forming her own band, blossoming into the butterfly that was only hinted at a few years ago.
Hulse’s voice (and demeanor) have matured in leaps and bounds, allowing her sizable talent to take center stage, while sharing it with Paul Mutzek (standing bass/guitar) and Papa John (drums), who round out her sets with a fuller sound. Even though there were no steel drums in sight, I swore I heard them in the background as Sara performed her signature indie-pop originals mixed with some Reggae-laced covers, highlighting cuts from her latest CD

Sullivan County Democrat write-up – Dan Hust, Sullivan County Democrat Newpaper

"Her voice is unique, soulful, and she is undeniably one of the most imaginative new singers to emerge from the Hudson Valley music scene"
Dan Hust, Sullivan County Democrat

CD Release Party – Tamara D'Antoni, Sullivan County Democrat

Sara's lilting, pure, and sometimes haunting, voice speaks as clearly from her heart live as it does from her new CD and the way she interacted with all present displayed a genuine spirit that was
truly a treasure to experience...
Tamara D'Antoni, Sullivan County Democrat