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"Sara Beck Performs with Stevie Wonder at Sommet Center"

All musicians looking for a little inspiration need to look no further than Nashville-based singer/songwriter Sara Beck. Beck has been working the club circuit in Nashville for nearly a decade, and one recent performance at The Bluebird led to a fortuitous encounter with Mike May that set off a magical chain of events. The most recent of these events was last night at the Sommet Center, where Stevie Wonder invited Beck to perform her song "To Love Somebody" in front of the nearly sold-out audience. Anybody who has ever performed live and has an ounce of empathy in their blood will have no doubt felt a shot of anxiety in their gut upon reading that last sentence. Beck appeared completely at home onstage, however, as she charmed the audience with her sweet bluesy vocals that channel the earthy soul of Bonnie Raitt and the southern charm of Alison Krauss.

With her husband Park on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, Beck performed "To Love Somebody" flawlessly and looked on in disbelief as Stevie Wonder laid down the harmonica solo. Indeed, as if to remind herself, during Stevie's solo Beck giddily stated, "That's Stevie Wonder!" But it gets better. Prior to inviting Beck onstage, Stevie recounted the story of their chance meeting (only two months ago) through a mutual friend. This story lasted several minutes, as Stevie lavished genuine praise on Beck for her superb vocals—then he invited her onstage. Stevie Wonder is perhaps the greatest endorsement an unsigned artist can get, and Beck did not disappoint. I wonder if any record executives took the time to go see Stevie Wonder—a living legend? More important, I wonder if any of them trust Stevie's musical judgment? Odds are, more than a few did—and do. And odds are, Beck's going to need a good manager soon if she doesn't already have one. I anticipate a major label debut from Sara Beck, and we can only hope that Stevie will again lend his harmonica skills for a solo or two on what promises to be an outstanding record—and career.

Until then, you can catch Sara Beck in December at several indie music venues in the Nashville area. I recommend catching her at The Basement with her full band on December 17. See you there! —Vincent Wynne -


Sara Beck "Sara Beck" (1999)
Sara Beck "Open Window" (2002)
Sara Beck "Music For Lovers & Fighters" (2009)



"I don't wanna live forever/I just wanna hear the sound/of the dreams that I've been dreaming/lifting off the ground…”

So sings Sara Beck in the opening moments of her new album "Music For Lovers & Fighters," a smart, sexy, bold, and infectious collection of songs about love, dreams, and the courage to fight for both. The music is unflinchingly honest and undeniably hooky, the natural byproduct of an artist equally enamored with the soulful storytelling of Stevie Wonder and Carole King and the sensual powers of Prince and Madonna.

Sara says of the album, which she wrote and co-produced, "this is pop music -- deep grooves, moving bass lines, heavy vocal arrangements… as many things as we can conjure up to keep you listening and moving with us. But in the end, I hope the message rings out loud and clear: every moment of our lives requires an act of courage to be truthful to what we believe in. You have to be a little bit of a fighter if you want to keep yourself honest -- there are plenty of people that will encourage you to water yourself down. Don't do it."

The message does come in loud and clear, particularly on songs like "Man Enough," an instant soul classic thick with strings, Wurlitzer, and Sara’s devastating voice asking the simple question: “Are you man enough to love me?” Or "Highs & Lows," where she rides the wave of a relentless bass line and the tightest kick-snare-hat groove since “Billie Jean” and sings about forgetting an ex with the power of a stereo. Another highlight is "To Love Somebody," a song about the importance of giving oneself completely that attracted the attention of Stevie Wonder and has led to guest spots at his concerts and guest appearances on his weekly radio show.

"I’ve been singing, writing, making music my whole life, and I am in love with the creative process -- I am in love with the pursuit of a dream,” says Sara. “They say dreamers never die! So I guess that means I might be immortal after all,” she laughs. “I could live with that...”