Sara Brenner

Sara Brenner


Part Liz Phair, part Michelle Branch, Sara's music is both personal yet universal, introspective yet upbeat, enduring yet fresh. In short, the best music you've never heard.


Born on the mean streets of the Bronx, raised on the green streets of Long Island, Sara's been living music since she wrote her first ditty - still too short to reach the pedals of her parents' upright piano - at the tender age of five. But the turning point came at ten when she wrote her first song, complete with music and lyrics, thus ending five years of learning other people's songs and beginning a lifetime of singing and writing her own.

Years later in 2001, she released her first album, Unsteady Ground, to rave reviews and raving fans at shows up and down the East Coast and as far west as Las Vegas. An exciting blend of rock, pop, and bluesy alternative, Unsteady signaled the rise of a bold new musical voice. But three years ago that voice seemed to fall silent when Sara suddenly decided to take her career in a different direction. Wondering if there might be more to life than guitars, a keyboard and a soulful singing voice, she stopped recording, stopped touring, and stopped playing for anyone else to hear.

But even after she quit her day job, left New York, and started law school, she never stopped writing. In fact, in addition to a legal education, she also learned that while she could take herself out of music, she could never take the music out of herself. Most of all, though, she discovered that sometimes you just need a little quiet to figure out exactly what you're trying to say. Packed with all that knowledge, she finally made her way back into the studio to record her strongest material to date, Work in Progress.

Since graduating from Harvard Law School, Sara is living, working, and playing in Los Angeles, CA where she is still writing and plugging away at her next release.


Wake Up

Written By: Sara Brenner

Whatcha gonna do when you run out of room on the sidelines?
Whatcha gonna say at the end of the day when you've fallen behind?
You're not happy with the life you've been living
You can give up or give more than you've been giving
It's a leap of faith you've been afraid to take
Where you can make it this time

How many nights will you sit at home, all alone
Banging on your TV
Thinking I could do that
Thinking that could be me

You've gotta take off, take off
Take the trail to be blazed
You've gotta stand up, stand up
To all that makes you afraid
You've gotta wake up, wake up
Life's a game that was meant to be played

What's it gonna take for that one lucky break to find you?
How many more slowly closing doors will you let define you?
Not everything can go as planned
You can lie back down or you can take a stand
It's a leap of faith you've been afraid to take
Where you can finally shine through

You know it's so much easier to sit right back and wonder what the use is
But don't you ever wonder what could happen when you're out of excuses?

Only a Kiss

Written By: Sara Brenner

It was so easy, you're so easy to completely adore
But though it's tempting to forget I'm not about to ignore
Reality's so inconvenient when you're spoken for

But you're so beautiful, so beautiful and make everyone
Feel like they're wonderful and special, like they're the only one
And I believed in it when you were only having some fun

You said it's only a kiss, so quick and so meaningless
Nothing more than a momentary lapse
Brought about at the time by too much whiskey and wine
It never even would have happened without that
And I'll pretend to agree, I'd rather things be easy
Than face up to the undeniable fact
That I want you to see it was so much more to me
Than only a kiss

It was so predictable and still I'm unprepared for the worst
Fighting a hurricane when suddenly the floodgates have burst
Maybe they'd still be holding up if I had left you first

You're so unreachable, unreachable my head still insists
And still I'm reaching and I'm reaching though I'm trying to resist
And maybe someday you can help me make some sense out of this

Give it some time this will all be a speck on the map
Maybe then we'll look back and we'll have a good laugh
How can I feel like I've lost something
That I've never had
And I'll never have


Written By: Sara Brenner

You're just a weary warrior
Bandaged and bruised
I'm just a simple jester
Laughing so I won't seem so confused

I can't deny this hunger
Every time I catch your eye
And I can't disguise my foolishness
So I won't even try

I'm not usually fumbling over myself
Or stammering what I say
So I hope you don't mind me carrying on this way

I can't deny this hunger
Every time I catch your eye
And I can't disguise my foolishness
So I won't even try

I'm not usually fumbling over myself
Or stammering what I say
So I hope you don't mind me carrying on this way

I didn't mean to be so obvious
About this overload of feeling
But I couldn't keep it all inside
Just out of courtesy to my pride
When it just wasn't worth concealing

Still I didn't mean to be so obvious
About things better left unspoken
And if the only way you'd take me
Is to know that you can break me
Well here I am

I never thought I'd find myself
Stripped down and exposed
To the elements of your dream
Through my restless head it softly goes
Through the words you seem to sing to me
Draw me underneath your spell
I can try to fight against your power
But I'm not doing very well

You're so beautifully scripted
Fighting your cause
I'm so painfully typical
Grasping at straws

Can you understand this desperate need
Have you felt it before?
Have you laughed at me wondering
Could I be a little more

Still I couldn't keep it all inside
And no matter how hard I tried
I was better off revealing


Unsteady Ground - full album, released in 2001. Tracks are available on ITunes, and can be found at

Work in Progress - full album, released in 2006. Tracks are available on ITunes, and can be streamed at or