Sara Church

Sara Church


Sara Church is a producer, singer-songwriter, musician, and an in your face performer crossing many musical spectrums. Her style is complete with a blues-rock tinge providing variance for the tasteful and soulful ears of her audience.


Sara Church is an independent singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and performer. Her style is complete with an alternative blues-rock tinge providing variance for the tasteful and soulful ears of her audience. Church has worked with her own and other bands to open, share the stage, and record with numerous National, and International performers.

Sara Church produced Day and Night (1993), Pure Honey (1995) licensed and released by ECCO in October of 2000, Against All Odds (1998), Lies on the Wind (2002), and Behind the Garden before the Dawn (2003). The artist has been referenced as, "one of the few strong Independent women in rock," and crosses numerous business spectrums on a day to day basis.

In November 1999, ECCO Records licensed and released the Sara Church CD, Against All Odds. The project crossed 10 airplay formats in the radio worldand kept the artist on tour for over a year. Against All Odds project debuted on AIC Independent charts at #30, and in less than 3 weeks climbed to #14. The independent production stayed on the charts for over two months. The placement of this airplay earned Church a listing as one of the Top 50 new independent artists worldwide.

Sara Church has been and remains a strong advocate for the youth, the earth and for the rights of people. The singer-songwriter has donated her time and material nationally and internationally to youth through the Adopt a School Program. In addition to the Adopt a School Program, Church is anEnvironmental and Human Rights Activist.

In 2001, Church pulled from the road. The artist was financially destitute after a battle with prior management over controlling rights to the artist?s promotional material. Church won the legal battle and has completed two new independently produced projects.

In the summer of 2003, Church performed for the Songwriter?s Hall of Fame Showcase, in New York City. In 2004, Church will be traveling on the road again working in the new releases. You can expect to see her at several of the upcoming festivals.


Lies on the Wind

Written By: Sara Church

I've got a fellin' somthin' ain't right
I've got a feelin' for once in my pathetic life
The things that you been sayin' baby
They make cry, they make me cry
My friends been askin' me
They say girl what's goin' on
I've had dream that wake me cryin'
Dreams bringin' me down
I see eyes in the window
And hear lies on the wind when will it end
The way that you been actin
I wonder is it the start or is it the end
I never wanted anybody else
That's why I'm wonderin' baby
Why do you put me thru hell...
You put me thru hell...lies
Late night I walked out
With tears rollin' down my face
The dreams that I'd been havin' baby
The dreams showed me your ways


Pure Honey
Against All Odds
Behind the Garden Before the Dawn
Lies on the Wind