BandHip Hop

My goal is to educate people about the Love of GOD through rap/music --in a way that makes sense. I don't want to hide who I am, but expose my faults and my faith.


I was born with natural rhythm and was raised by a musician. I began writing short stories and poems at the tender age of 8.However music is my first love, and I began MC’in at age 16. I took over South St. in Philly and would “battle” to victory.
At age 24, I became a Christian Rapper. I am qualified for this position because GOD designed me for this, and I will complete His will for my life.


The Birth

Written By: N.C.Robinson

Its a ful moon 2nite/ Im finally changing baby
These voices in my head are God/ & I ain't crazy
U can't fix what ain't broke & you can never grave me
U Can never tame me or control this rage and angry
Let's get focused now, these evil souls want my babies
They wanna see me under dirt, Thank God my Jesus saved me
He took that bullet on my life and He began to train me
Now Im a soldier in the war and they will repay me
For everything they stole and everything they never gave me
For everytime it hurt cuz I let those suckas play me
For every open wound & every gash I let 'em nail me
I almost killed myself but luckily I die daily
Pride failed me but never will I let it ail me
I'll never waste another precious word that Jesus tells me
That He gave me/ I'm made baby
The future depends on my life that's why the church is fading....

Don't Come @ ME

Written By: NC Robinson

(vs 1)
Do what u gon' do / We on the basics
I'm white as snow right now/ u feelin racist
cuz Jesus cleaned me up / I'm in His graces
Don't sleep, I'm a Christian / not a new fish
Mary,Mary. Nah, this ain't that
This is gansta' gospel, urgent like ASAP
I mean it's righteous rap, I see a head bop
Who said God don't like the tracks that make the streets knock
Street bible, Holy hip hop
I'm pushin what u cop
These blessin's, I'm a git it
I'm calling on the Christ, all 7 digits
7 days, I'm His creation
He finally let me loose and I ain't hesitating
I know the worlds been waiting- Oh for so long
To hear God's position written in a rap song
All this anticipation and now we finally home


Don't Come @ ME
The Birth